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Ingvar Kenne
An evolving retrospective

Introductory texts for three series of the work of Ingvar Kenne are given here.
Anni‘s Wardrobe since 1995
"The work centres on the notion of memory, space and identity. The images are set in the open landscape of the ocean. The physical centre of each image is around a female that you never fully see or identify with. Yet your eye is never allowed to divert away from her. You want to focus though you can’t in a scientific sense, because in the image she is blurred. However, the repetitious nature of the series makes the viewer very much focused on the central character and you build a picture, a profile of an individual, adding to your guesswork. It’s the tension and the conflict that arises between the blurred subject and the landscape that surrounds her that interests me. She is a traveller, fleetingly passing in front of the solid background. You realize that the passing of time continues through the body of work, enhanced by using the dates for titles. She appears to be moving. It is underscored by the fact that large bodies of water are never still. Never ceases to move in its cycles of tide and repetitious waves. She is as complex as a tidal movement. Sure to happen, yet constantly changing. Anni will never be complete, but at least you know her first name."
Chasing Summer
"An essay by Paul Theroux, meditating on the travelling self, is the introductory text to Chasing Summer. This book maps a two-year journey in which the photographer set out westward from his hometown in Sweden on motorcycle, later to ride back via the east to the same point. The cultural displacement achieved –nomadic, watchful, seeking – is both a liberation and a luxury. The visual documentation are a series of individuals portrayed in their immediate context, as well as observational suggestions of a sense of place. Presentation is almost taxonomic in its format, which render a frank quality in the subjects relationship to the camera. In Paul Theroux‘s words: "one of the paradoxes of otherness is that in travel each conceives the other to be foreign".
The book offers hope and encourages all yearning travellers: the desire for human connection across and beyond difference.
On the Side
"The project On The Side (Vid Sidan Av in Swedish) was photographed during 1989-1991 in Kortedala, a suburb of Gothenburg, Sweden. The people are drug addicts. Some have a home, others sleep wherever. Heroin is around but not favoured. Most people are abusing alcohol. No one voluntarily stopped using during the five years Ingvar remained close to the "group", though the thirty odd that died did end their addiction. An exhibition toured around Sweden in the early nineties."
Twenty five portraits ended up in the book - Vid Sidan Av - published in 1992 by Tidens Forlag, Sweden, in a limited edition of 2000. 



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