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Bruce Haley
Disfigured Landscapes

The environmental legacy of communism is a nightmare from which many areas never awaken - a toxic debt to untold future generations… Even after the machines go silent and the last man shuts off the power, these sites remain white-hot with poison… They are giants on the earth, appearing to slumber yet far from benign…
Standing in such places, one is overwhelmed with the sheer ulcerous scale of the damage… The mind is greatly tempted to shunt the scene sideways, into a compartment separate from reality - it is a Jack Kirby double-page splash, or a concept design from H.R. Giger… a post-apocalyptic film set, or the latest sci-fi shooter for PS3, with staggering graphics… The mind almost has to be wrestled back to the truth…
[The following images were taken between 2000 - 2002, in some of the most horribly polluted and disfigured sites in the world]. 



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