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1900North America • USAThe First mass-marketed camera, the Brownie, costs $1.
1900Europe • Great BritainFred Holland Day organizes the Royal Photographic Society exhibition of The New School of American Photography held in London. This was the first showing in Europe of the immense progress that had been made in American pictorialist photography. [Read about]
1901Europe • FranceFred Holland Day shows the The New School of American Photography exhibition that had been shown in London in 1900 to the Photo Club de Paris. [Read about]
1902North America • USA 
Alvin Langdon Coburn
Alfred Stieglitz 
Alfred Stieglitz founds Camera Work. [Read about
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1902North America • USAAlfred Stieglitz founds the Photo-Secession movement in the USA. [Read about]
1903North America • USANational Geographic publishes its first halftone of a woman in a rice field in the Philippines.
1903Europe • France 
Unidentified photographer/creator
Microphotography of the Autochrome trichromatic selection mosaic, made of dyed potato starch grains (7000 grains / mm2) 
The Autochrome is patented by the Lumičre Brothers and when marketed in 1907 it becomes the first widely used color process. (17 December 1903)
1904GlobalThe International Society of Pictorial Photographers is founded with James Craig Annan as the first president. He is the son of Thomas Annan (1829-1887) and a contributor to Camera Work.
1904Europe • FranceThe early color Autochrome process is demonstrated to the Academy of Science. (30 May 1904)
1905North America • USA 
Unidentified artist
Advertisement for the Photo-Secession and "Little Galleries" 291 Fifth Avenue, New York City 
1906 (published)
Alfred Stieglitz opens the Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession at 291 Fifth Avenue in New York. Through a series of galleries Stieglitz exhibits photography and fine art to the American public. He champions the connections between photography and the accepted fine arts of sculpture and painting by exhibiting the works of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Auguste Rodin.
1907Europe • France 
Unidentified photographer/creator
Microphotography of the Autochrome trichromatic selection mosaic, made of dyed potato starch grains (7000 grains / mm2) 
Louis Lumičre (1864–1948) markets the first commercial three color photography process - Autochrome Lumičre. The process had been patented in 1904 but it was only in 1907 that the plates were available from their factory at Lyon.
Alfred Stieglitz, wrote in a letter from Munich (July 1907) "All are amazed at the remarkably truthful color rendering; the wonderful luminosity of the shadows…, the endless range of grays; the richness of the deep colors. In short, soon the world will be color-mad, and Lumičre will be responsible."
In an article published in the October 1907 issue of Camera Work, Stieglitz wrote: "Color photography is an accomplished fact. The seemingly everlasting question whether color would ever be within the reach of the photographer has been definitely answered. The answer the Lumičres, of France, have supplied. For fourteen years, it is related, they have been seeking it. Thanks to their science, perseverance, and patience, practical application and unlimited means, these men have finally achieved what many of us had looked upon practically as unachievable…." 
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The Art of the Autochrome: The Birth of Color Photography 
John Wood; & Merry A. Foresta
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1907EuropeDr Arthur Korn sends picture facsimiles between London, Paris and Berlin.
1907North America • USA 
Edward S. Curtis
Oasis in the Badlands 
Edward Sheriff Curtis publishes The North American Indian: Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing the Indians of the United States and Alaska, Volume One. It is the most sumptuous study of any ethnic group ever produced and between 1907 and 1930 twenty volumes are published largely funded by the banker J.P. Morgan and his estate. 
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1908North America • USAFive years after the first flight of the secretive Wright Brothers photographer Jimmy Hare and writer Arthur Ruhl take the first news photograph of the plane in powered flight for Collier‘s. The plane covers two miles in two minutes and fifty seconds.
1908North America • USA 
Lewis W. Hine
Sadie Pfeifer, 48 inches high, has worked half a year. One of the many small children at work in Lancaster Cotton Mills 
1908, 30 November
Lewis W. Hine begins a series of photographs for the National Child Labor Committee. These images of small children performing dangerous factory work and other jobs led to congressional legislation to enforce child labor laws.
1908Europe • FranceGabriel Lippmann awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for his method of reproducing colors in photography, based on the interference phenomenon.
1909Europe • Great Britain 
Alvin Langdon Coburn
Alvin Langdon Coburn publishes London
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1910North America • USAPhotographic show at the Albright Art Gallery (Buffalo, NY, USA) is one of the first where photographs are shown as art in an Art Gallery. The gallery also purchased 12 pictures for the collection.
Alfred Stieglitz wrote to Ernst Juhl (6 January 1911):
"This exhibition was without doubt the most important that has been held anywhere so far. We won't be seeing anything like it in the near future. Only very select prints, in most cases the best of their kind that exist, and with the exception of 20 gravures which are in their way originals, only original prints" [were shown].
1910North America • USAWilliam Warnecke photographs the shooting of New York Mayor William Gaynor by J.J. Gallagher on the SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. (9 August 1910)
Herbert G. Ponting
The 'Terra Nova' Icebound in the Pack 
[British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913 (led by Scott on the "Terra Nova")] 
1911 (taken) 1914 (print)
Herbert Ponting accompanies Captain Scott's second South Pole expedition.

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