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Street photography has in many ways always been a form of non-public photojournalism with images taken for a complex variety of personal motivations. Sometimes the aim is not commercial and the photographer takes the shots because of an internal drive or fixation and this was the case with Garry Winogrand and Tom Wood. In England Tom Wood spent over 15 years and 3,000 rolls of film photographing the city of Liverpool from the top of a bus for his book All Zones Off Peak - the title coming from the complex fare scales common in the UK. He has continued this exploration of Liverpool with several other books Bus Odyssey (2002) and Photie Man (2005).
All Zones Off Peak 
Tom Wood
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Tom Wood: Bus Odyssey 
Tom Wood (Photographer)
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Tom Wood: Photie Man 
Tom Wood (Photographer); & Manfred Heiting (Editor)
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Others have particular trips that they what to record in detail such as Reggie Tucker who carried out an extended trip of three years traveling over 25,000 miles in the UK, USA and Ukraine and in each location he stops in he took photographs. The book Winterreise by Luc Delahaye falls into this category - where the photographer goes, seemingly randomly, into the dwellings that line the street. These travels about explorations of the world that take us at times to places that we would rather not see. They are dark and bleak worlds largely lacking the humor of the French street photographers. Frank Horvat for example set himself the task of taking an image every day during 1999 as a homage to the end of the millenium and these images had to cover every one of the 15 countries then in the European Community.
Trends in street photography
Luc Delahaye
Luc Delahaye (Photographer)
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Frank Horvat
1999: a Daily Report 
Frank Horvat
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Whilst the photographers immerse themselves in the street Massimo Vitali separates himself from the crowd and views the human race from a distance like a bird of prey. For one project he constructed a number of platforms 12-15 feet off the ground at a variety of locations such as the beach and an airport, and for his book Beach & Disco from these viewpoints he explores human relationships rather like a sociologist looking for the small encounters of the everyday. He has continued this exploration of the everyday with his more recent book Landscape and Figures that was praised by Vince Aletti (Village Voice) as one of the best photography books of 2004.
Beach & Disco 
Massimo Vitali (Photographer)
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Massimo Vitali: Landscape and Figures 
Massimo Vitali (Photographer)
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1.   Questioning the genre of street photography
There is a trend to subvert the tradition of street photography by carefully composing shots and using props, cranes and special lighting to construct scenes which at first glance have the appearance of normalcy but are fact hyper-real fabrications. Philip Lorca diCorcia and Gregory Crewdson both fall into this category. Although some famous street photography of the past has been staged and not immediately revealed as such, as The Kiss by Robert Doisneau, here the intention of the photographers is to question the nature of reality and the decisive moment.
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