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Also known as: Calotype photoprints, Calotype prints, Plain paper prints, Salt prints, Salt paper photoprints, Salt paper prints 
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Salted paper prints - Photographers of note

William Henry Fox Talbot was the first photographer to make salted paper prints, and he set up a printing establishment in Reading, England to produce the prints, particularly the editions needed for the first major photographic book, "The Pencil of Light".
David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, working in Edinburgh (Talbot's patent on the process did not cover Scotland) produced a magnificent body of portraits of leading figures there in the 1840s, including several hundred ministers of the kirk as studies for a painting by Hill. Perhaps most impressive are their images of the fishermen and fishwives of the nearby village of Newhaven.
The calotype, and in particular the waxed paper variation of it, which increased the transparency of the paper negative was perhaps at its finest among French photographers in the early 1850s. Many of the fine prints produced from their work were salt prints, although later prints from their negatives may well be matte albumen. Louis-Désiré Blanquart-Evrard and Gustave Le Gray were the pioneers of the waxed paper process and produced much fine work as salt prints. In 1851, Blanquart-Evrard set up the first mass-production factory in Lille to produce salt prints; he increased production speed greatly by giving only a short exposure and then using a developer to produce the full image. This factory printed the 25,000 prints needed to publish around 200 copies of Maxime Du Camp's 'Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie', each with 125 prints, the first French publication to be illustrated by real photographs.
Significant portfolios and books
William Henry Fox Talbot 'The Pencil of Nature', (Longmans, London) (1844)
[The first multiple copy photographic book, published as a series of six 'fascicles', each containing 4 salted paper prints for subscribers to bind.]
Maxime Du Camp 'Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie' (1852)
[Around 200 copies, each with 125 original salt prints.]
Felix Teynard 'Egypt and Nubia' (1853-4)
[40 salt prints]
John Beasley Greene 'Le Nil, monuments, paysage photographiques' (1854)
Auguste Salzmann 'Jerusalem' (1856)
Louis De Clercq 'Voyage en Orient 1859-1860, villes, monuments et vues pittoresques' (1859-60) 

Salted paper prints - Example photographers

3800 photographers using this technique are included on this website 
[If you require listings for research please let us know.] 
A. Luswergh e figlio
Includes: Angelo Luswergh 
Includes: Giacomo Luswergh 
Adam-Salomon, Antoine Samuel
Other: Antony Samuel Adam-Salomon 
Adamson, John
Other: Dr. John Adamson 
Aguado, Olympe
Other: Comte Olympio-Clémente Aguado de Las Marismas 
Other: Count Olympe Aguado 
Other: Count Olympe-Clémente Aguado de las Marismas 
Ahrendts, Leopold
Alexander, Richard Dykes
Other: Alinari Brothers 
Other: Alinari, Fratelli 
Includes: Giuseppe Alinari 
Includes: Leopoldo Alinari 
Includes: Romualdo Alinari 
Alinari, Leopoldo
Joint: Alinari 
Altobelli, Gioacchino
Other: Photographic Establishment Altobelli & Co. 
Joint: Altobelli & Co. 
Joint: Altobelli & Molins 
Anderson, James
Born: Isaac Atkinson 
Pen: William Nugent Dunbar 
Angerer, Ludwig
Other: L. Angerer 
Anthony, Mark
Other: Marc Antoine 
Archer, Frederick Scott
Asser, Eduard Isaac
Bacot, Edmond
Baldus, Édouard
Born: Eduard Baldus 
Other: E. Baldus 
Other: Edouard Baldus 
Other: Edouard Denis Baldus *** Historical error *** 
Other: Edouard-Denis Baldus *** Historical error *** 
Baltzly, B.F.
Other: Benjamin F. Baltzy 
Joint: Baltzy & Hammond 
Bambridge, William
Batchelder, J.
Other: Bachelder 
Other: John Batchelder 
Other: John C. Bachelder 


This section is courtesy of Peter Marshall
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