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Daguerreotypes - Photographers of note

Daguerreotypes needed to be encased behind glass and did not lend themselves to direct publication, although many attempts were made to process them to enable them to be used as printing plates. The greatest of the early publications based on them was undoubtedly the 'Excursions daguerriennes' (1840-1844) of NoŽl-Marie Paymal Lerebours. Several of the plates used for this were produced using an etching process developed by Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau (1819-1896), but the plates still required extensive retouching by hand. The other plates used in the work, and almost all other published works from daguerreotypes were made either by direct hand engraving onto a daguerreotype plate, or, more usually, by tracing the image onto a copper plate that was manually engraved.
Dr John W Draper
Samuel F B Morse
Alexander S Wolcott (Wolcott & Johnson)
Albert Sands Southworth & Josiah Johnson Hawes
Matthew B Brady
Edward Anthony
William & Frederick Langenheim
John Jabez Edwin Mayall
Richard Beard
William Edward Kilburn
Cornelius Jabez Hughes
Antoine Claudet
N. M. P. Lerebours
Horace Vernet
Frederic Goupil Fesquet
Joseph Philibert Girault de Prangey
Freidrich Martens
Bisson Freres
Herman Biow
Carl Ferdinand Stelzner
Johann Baptist Isenring 

Daguerreotypes - Example photographers

2396 photographers using this technique are included on this website 
[If you require listings for research please let us know.] 
Allen, A.M.
Other: Amos Morrel Allen 
Allen, C.V.
Other: Charles V. Allen 
Alstrup, Mads
Anson, Rufus P.
Other: Rufus Anson 
Anthony, Edward
Other: E. Anthony 
Joint: E. & H.T. Anthony & co. 
Asser, Eduard Isaac
Aubanel, Napoleon
Babbitt, Platt D.
Born: Platt Delascus Babbitt 
Joint: Babbitt & Tugby 
Bailly-Maitre-Grand, Patrick
Baker, Isaac Wallace
Other: Isaac W. Baker 
Baker and Co, F.W.
Other: F. Baker 
Other: F.W. Baker 
Ball, James Presley
Other: J.P. Ball 
Joint: Ball & Thomas 
Barnard, George N.
Joint: Barnard & Gibson 
Joint: Mathew Brady's Studio 
Bayard, Hippolyte
Joint: Bayard & Bertall 
Beals, A.J.
Other: Albert J. Beals 
Beard, Richard
Joint: Sharp & Beard 
Includes: Richard Beard Studio 
Becquerel, Edmond
Born: Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel 
Other: Alexandre Edmond Becquerel 
Other: Ed. Becquerel 
Bell, William H.
Other: William Bell 
Belloc, Auguste
Born: Joseph Auguste Belloc 
Other: A. Belloc 


This section is courtesy of Peter Marshall
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