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Born:  US, WI
Active:  US / UK
Contemporary American photographer. 
Artist statement: 
Artists Statement on "Portraits of Time"
As an artist it is hard to find a subject more challenging to photograph than ancient trees. How do I convey their power and beauty to those who have never seen them? How do I convey this power and beauty to those who have?
I want to speak the language of the trees. I want to photograph the spirit that dwells within them. I want to record the passion that I see come alive before me and keep a clear picture so that even if a tree is destroyed by tempest wind, disease, greed or lack of concern, I will have a record of beauty and passion for those who were not able to make the journey.
Portraits of Change.
Portraits of Survival.
Portraits of Time.
One needs time with the trees to see.

For those who have felt a heightened sense of spirit as they wandered through groves of giant sequoias in the cool morning mist, or walked among the Joshua trees in the hot desert sun, who thought they found God in the heart of an ancient yew tree - this is not hard to understand. You cannot help but be undone by the sheer simplicity, standing before the stillness of the trees, you stand still, equally bare. Trees complex and elegant in their simplicity of form; for beauty is not found in the excessive, but in what is venerable, old and wise.
As our earth becomes increasingly crowded these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance reminding us through their grandeur and age as they stand as the earth’s largest, living monuments how essential they are to our psychology and how precious they are to the soul of the world. Some of the oldest trees have been around for thousands of years and could possibly live a thousand more. But they will not remain ecologically intact without our vigilance and our willingness to protect what is wild.
I photograph these trees because I know written words will always fall short. I photograph out of love, because it is dangerous; a risk, like love, to take the picture, to expose the source, to be exposed, and to show how vulnerable, like the trees, we all are.
Artists statement on series "Thy Kingdom Come"
The title, in this case refers to the animal kingdom, where animals in an older world move, gifted with senses we have lost, living by voices we do not hear. Using a metaphoric language these images examine the relationship between man, animal and earth.
The child intuitively walks these meridians in a pure state of living in the moment, embodying the unreflective consciousness of the animal. Migrating between the two worlds, they carry this awareness on their backs. They are the silent embodiment of this fusion.
In dreams, the magic that weaves man and animal together glows with vibrancy; there the mysteries of the natural world are plain, the connectedness of life overpowers. This path of power is the true state of being in balance with the earth. The traceries of energy that link us with the animals of forest, lake and sky are alive if we are quiet enough to see them.

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ThumbnailBeth Moon: Thy Kingdom Come 
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Supplemental information


Selected solo exhibitions
2006 Portraits of Time, The Bolinas Museum, California
2001 Touch Wood, The Blue Gallery, London, England
2000 Zen Meditative Images, Flatfile, Chicago, Illinois
2000 Trees of Life, Fussleman Hall Art Gallery, Kentfield, CA
Selected group exhibitions
2008 Modern Book Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
2007 Best of Arles Foto Folio, Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2007 Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie, France
2007 Photographic Narratives, The Falkirk, Marin, CA
2007 Flora Fauna, Flatfile Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007 Among Trees, Aperture F64, San Anselmo, CA
2006 Noble Processes in a Digital Age, The John Stevenson Gallery, NY
2005 New Photography, SFMOMA Artists Gallery, CA
2005 Intimate Floral, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
2005 Witte Water Works, Witte Museum San Antonio, TX
2004 The Earth, FlatFile, Chicago, IL
2004 High and Dry, Cultural Center of Texas University, TX
2003 Seen But Not Heard, The Texas Art Museum, TX
2003 Black and White, FlatFile, Chicago, IL
2003 International Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2003 The Northern National, WI
2002 Beth Moon Portfolio, FlatFile, Chicago, IL
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston  
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