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Dec 12, 2005 What's that list you've been working on? 
 Many of us create lists, some of us put them on cards or fill out notebooks, some create databases and a small number put them out on the web so they can be shared by all. This website came out of my own desire to build a list of the photographers I care about. I was thinking that just knowing who has created or is creating lists is a useful resource to us all, it reduces duplication and gives the information a value for everybody. So if anybody tells me about a list of photographers they have I'll mount the details up for everybody. Just send through:
  • the title of the list
  • a brief description
  • web address (if available)
  • your name
  • publication details (if published)
That is all we need to get things going we can refine it as we go.
Get in touch if you have the comprehensive list of nineteenth century photographers of India, images of nineteenth century photographic vans, contemporary photographers of Chile, the cabinet card photographers of England. Lists of photographers do not have to be complete - there will be others who can help fill in the gaps and you retain control and ownership.
If you have a really significant list but don't know how to get it up on the web maybe I can help. You retain all rights to the content all I do is the programming. We'll see if this is an impossible task but I always like a challenge. I'm probably opening a can of worms here but we will see.
Dec 10, 2005 Putting the word out to the community 
 A project like this depends so much on spreading the word out and some of you have been simply amazing in doing this, Carl Mautz for getting the ball rolling, Dr Stanley Burns for his recommendations of great people to talk to, Anthony Davies for the use of his address book and hospitality, Larry Schaaf for his knowledge and open attitude, Pam Roberts for seeing the fun in the project and Larry Gottheim for offering to put a note in his newsletter. There are far more people I should name and I'm putting together a list that acknowledges everybody helping out in different ways. The whole community should be thankful that it includes so many great people. Please help put the word out through your newsletters and other publicity - we are at the starting point of a new way of sharing our knowledge. 
Dec 9, 2005 Quality assurance 
 In a conversation with John Hannavy, editor and compiler of the forthcoming three volume Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Photographers, he made a very sound point about the quality of the material on the site. As the website evolves we will need to address the accuracy of the entries and flexible collaborative groups may need to be established to validate content. In some ways the new version of the software in late January 2006 will address this but accuracy of the text is important to the integrity of the whole project - so if you see anything you know to be wrong please let me know. We can make this site both authoritative and useful if we work together. 
Dec 7, 2005 Conferences, Auctions and Exhibitions 
 Bob Pullen (Photographic Collections Photography and the Archive Research Centre, University of the Arts, London, London College of Communication) has suggested integrating a system for conference announcements and seminars. I'll certainly do this and integrate it fully into the appropriate pages to get maximum exposure for the next release in late January 2006. PLEASE START SENDING THROUGH ANNOUNCEMENTS OF MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES, AUCTIONS AND EXHIBITIONS ON PHOTO-HISTORY TAKING PLACE AFTER FEBRUARY 2006 
Dec 5, 2005 Copyright 
 Two questions raised are Will my work be acknowledged? YES and Will my images get a credit line that links to my website? YES - All images supplied have full credit lines and this helps establish prior-publication rights for dealers and collectors. Any images and text will be fully acknowledged, credited and you retain the copyright or place it into a Creative Commons license. I will do everything possible to ensure this, the only delay might be where I have to do some programming to accomplish what you need - email me if you want to discuss this. This project is not about what I've done in the past it is about what we can do in the future. 
Dec 5, 2005 Testbed 
 This site is a test bed and odd things may happen. I said in my introductory email that this is a prototype for you to examine and make suggestions, a more robust site will be coming out by the end of January 2006. If strange things happen wait a minute and try again. I'm probably loading new data or improving the software. Sorry. 
Dec 4, 2005 Introduction to the project 
 I've included an introduction to the Luminous-lint project on a separate page so you can inform others about it. 
Dec 4, 2005 Project Authenticate 
 Dealers and collectors may want to participate in Project Authenticate which is to create an on-line source for photographic authentication data. Contact me if you are interested. 
Dec 3, 2005 Including photographs - test 
 People have asked whether photographs will be included and the answer is yes. I have many thousands of images ready and will make them available when I am sure I‘m not infringing any rights. 
Jan 28, 2021  

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