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Apr 11, 2015 The Haj 
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Exhibition: The Haj 
Mar 28, 2015 The Next Phase 
 In the last Newsletter (Vol 9.01, March 27, 2015) the current scale of Luminous-Lint was outlined and it now includes:
58,000 photographs from all periods and regions of the world
2,600 public and private collections have supplied material
17,932 photographer names included for 7,428 different photographers
1,120 themes with their own continually improving histories of photography [Subscribers]
3,800 fragments with over 5,000 footnotes to support the themes [Subscribers]
8,254 references to books, articles and conference papers [Subscribers]
1,381 online exhibitions (online or in planning)
The real power is in the millions of interconnections throughout Luminous-Lint. The next phase will be the creation of Online Exhibitions that address some of the gaps in the overall framework. If you have a suggestion for a Theme do send it through. 
Dec 28, 2014 Jean-Gabriel Eynard 
Drink a glass of Kirsch or Damassine to celebrate the birth of Jean-Gabriel Eynard... (1775, 28 December - 1863, 5 February) Early Swiss photographer who took Daguerreotype studies of his family and servants. 
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Dec 28, 2014 Ed Van der Elsken 
 Raise a glass to the memory of Dutch photographer Ed Van der Elsken...
(1925, 10 March - 1990, 28 December)
Highly respected Dutch photographer who produced a vast range of books and films covering his travels around the world. Between 1950 and 1954 he lived in Paris and documented the love life of Ann (the real life painter Vali Myers) and the photographs were published in the 1956 photobook classic "Love on the Left Bank" (Holland: Export printing office W. vonk). 
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Dec 26, 2014 Henri Le Secq 
 Raise a glass of absinthe to the memory of Henri Le Secq...
(1818, 18 August - 1882, 26 December)
Early French photographer who used waxed paper negatives. His finest works are the architectural shots he took for the ‘Commission des Monuments Historiques‘. 
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Dec 25, 2014 Louis de Clercq 
Raise a glass of mulled wine to the memory of Louis de Clercq...
(1836, 25 December - 1901, 27 December)
French photographer who accompanied the 1858-59 expedition of the historian Emmanuel-Guillaume Rey to study sites in Syria and Asia Minor. He published 222 calotypes in his six volume work Voyage en Orient 1859-1860, villes, monuments et vues pittoresques (1860).
A Most Merry Festive Season to you all... 
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Jun 14, 2014 Newsletter 8.02 - June 14, 2014 has been emailed 
The Luminous-Lint Newsletter 8.02 - June 14, 2014 has been emailed to all those on our mailing list and you can subscribe to these free newsletters if you haven't already done so.
Past issues of the newsletter are in the library on the Luminous-Lint website. Best, Alan 
Mar 31, 2014 Funding Luminous-Lint 
 I’ve funded Luminous-Lint entirely by myself over the last ten years and it is now time I looked into how it will be supported in the future. Don’t stop reading at this point as it may affect how you and your institution will be able to use Luminous-Lint in the future. There are a number of options for this:
  • Advertising
    As Luminous-Lint has over 10 million page views a year this would appear the most obvious way forward. Advertising clutters the page and blurs the boundaries between a commercial and a community supported project. I said I would never do this and many of you have supplied materials on that basis so advertising is ruled out.
  • Selling products and services
    The aim of Luminous-Lint has always been to organize materials from vast numbers of institutions and private collections to establish and analyse those connections. On Luminous-lint there are over 40,000 internal links just for British calotypists which gives you a sense of the scale. The project has been and continues to be about pushing forward scholarship a step at a time. It is a long term project and inappropriate to the marketing of cameras and books. The Amazon links are included as a convenience to the community and provide minimal income. Selling products and services is not in my opinion the way forward.
  • Grants
    There are grants one could apply for and coming from university teaching and research I’ve been involved with those over the years. As I’m not affiliated with an institution this rules out most grants and they are generally a short term fix rather than a long term solution for a project of this scale. Last year I proposed a Kickstarter project and thanks to all those who offered support. Unfortunately the project did not achieve the required goal and I need continuity of funding.
    I applied for a Getty Research Scholarship Grant in 2013 for “The enhancement of digital publishing prototypes on the history of photography to determine the benefits of collaborative data collection, validation and sharing within the Getty and externally.” The proposal was not successful and you can read the Proposal and the Supporting document to get a sense of what I‘m planning.
    The intention of this project is to provide high quality Open Content for the benefit of all.
  • Sponsorship
    For almost six years Luminous-Lint was effectively supported by work I did on another photography project. This was, and continues to be, a fascinating project and I wish it well. Luminous-Lint requires financial support on its own to ensure continuation. If there is an organisation or individual interested in supporting photo-history then I would be interested and future plans will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Subscriptions
    Many thousands of people and organisations have provided content and the entire project is enriched daily by the extraordinary material that arrives. As Luminous-Lint is for a community of like-minded enthusiasts instituting a subscription may be the solution. Images and user-supplied content such as online exhibitions would remain free to all whilst the more detailed visual indexes, reading lists, texts with footnotes and a host of other parts would require a subscription.
    The subscription fee would be low enough that any student could afford it and pay for only the months when they are doing their studies. Those with a passion for the subject could pay a low monthly fee while institutions where there are photography cataloguers and curators would pay more. The intention of this is to support the project long term and I’m sure you appreciate the importance of that. There is no comparable resource in the arts on this scale and with the interconnectivity that is available on Luminous-Lint.
  • I will be making a decision over the coming months on the most appropriate way to proceed.
    All the best,
    Mar 30, 2014 Newsletter 8.01 - March 30, 2014 has been emailed 
    The Luminous-Lint Newsletter 8.01 - March 30, 2014 has been emailed to all those on our mailing list and you can subscribe to these free newsletters if you haven't already done so.
    Past issues of the newsletter are in the library on the Luminous-Lint website. Best, Alan 
    Jun 30, 2013 The next phase... camera obscuras, the portrait, art and a thousand other topics... 
    I'll outline my thinking on the steps Luminous-Lint is going through.
    1. The raw evidence for photohistory is being collected - here the images and source materials are brought together to create a pool of information. This information has been organized into Online Exhibitions that mimic gallery exhibitions but with the important difference that they are continually improved. The Online Exhibitions may have an introductory text but they don't need to and one can be added in as necessary in the future.
    2. Next the images are cross-linked into Visual Indexes which are similar to subject tags. There is a distinction however as tags normally provide a collection of images and it is not the same as Visual Indexes include ordering so they can be displayed in ways that tell stories.
    3. Original source texts are the basis of research and so these are collected and organized. At this stage everything is like a vast melting pot of ideas swirling around before structures emerge.
    4. For each theme bibliographies and reference lists are prepared so you can locate the supporting evidence.
    5. The Contents pages, Visual Indexes and search tools are improving and they provide pathways through the material. These pathways can be fascinating as they can take one down unexpected routes many of which are not covered, or only tangentially, in the current literature. They provide the raw material for thinking about photohistory in ways that are novel and at times intriguing.
    What is next?
    Anybody who has been following Luminous-Lint over the years will have noticed that since June 2012 each theme is beginning to mature. At first the Theme pages look naive with a few example images, a bit of text, and maybe a few original sources - islands in a sea of information. Any specialist would look at a page and throw up their hands in despair! I'm okay with this as Luminous-Lint is not like writing a book where everything has to be perfect by the time the publishers' proofs are returned. The goal of Luminous-Lint is longer term and there are over a thousand themes in various states - none is complete and each is improving.
    Once the images and original texts are in place introductory texts will be added in - here the arguments and supporting evidence starts to come together with all the footnotes and references. These will be drafts initially and you can help out by pointing out any errors, supplying additional information, or preparing some text to get us started. There are no limitations here on the number of images or videos to include.
    So years after Luminous-Lint started the first draft texts are starting to appear on Luminous-Lint to test how it will all come together. These experimental texts are to check how the footnotes and referencing systems will work but they will give you an idea. Hint - click on the red links to get to the theme... clicking on the images will take you into details about the image.
    Camera Obscura
    Thumbnail  Thumbnail  Thumbnail
    Thumbnail  Thumbnail  Thumbnail
    Thumbnail  Thumbnail  Thumbnail
    The Themes are accessible through the Contents page or Alphabetical indexes and are in flux but you will get a sense of the richness of the material. As gaps are discovered in the evidence further Online Exhibitions and Visual Indexes will be added and the texts will go through continual iterations.
    I hope you continue to enjoy Luminous-Lint and find it useful.
    All the best and thanks for your support, Alan 

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