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Apr 14, 2012 Nature: Cattle, bulls, cows and oxen 
Early account of Daguerreotypes of a bull and a cow...

Unidentified Daguerreotype/ Artist
Durham Bull, Henry Clay, Two years old, bred and owned by A. Bolmar, West Chester, Pa.
1853, March (published)
Magazine illustration, from a Daguerreotype
The portraits of bull and cow on opposite page, engraved from daguerreotype likenesses, are specimens of what may be attained by scientific and judicious crosses of choice native stock, with selected thorough bred Durham bulls. They are grade animals, the bull being 15-16, and the cow 7/8 Durham, and are fully equal in some points to thorough breds. They were bred and are now owned by A. Bolmar, of West Chester, proprietor of the celebrated boarding school Institution, which bears his name, and whose herd of cows and heifers, 41 in number, all of his own raising, and more or less mixed with Durham blood, have been pronounced by good judges superior as a whole to any dairy of the same number in this section of country.
"Improved Stock", The Pennsylvania Farm Journal, March 1853, Vol.2, No.12, p.379
(Accessed: Google Books, 15 April 2012)
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Exhibition: Nature: Cattle, bulls, cows and oxen 
Apr 8, 2012 Newsletter 6.03 - April 9, 2012 has been emailed 
 The Luminous-Lint Newsletter 6.03 - April 9, 2012 has been emailed to all those on our mailing list and you can subscribe to these free newsletters if you haven't already done so.
Past issues of the newsletter are in the library on the Luminous-Lint website. Best, Alan 
Apr 8, 2012 Landscape: Rural pathways, tracks, trails and lanes 
A reflective walk along a leafy track...
Lane a narrow road, especially in the countryside
Path a road or way, especially a narrow trodden track
Pathway another word for path
Track a path or road with a rough surface
Trail a path through the countryside, especially one designed for walking for pleasure 
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Exhibition: Landscape: Rural pathways, tracks, trails and lanes 
Apr 8, 2012 Landscape: Mountains 
Mark Twain A Tramp Abroad, Vol.II, Third edition, (London: Chatto & Windus, 1880), p.100
But lonely, conspicuous, and superb rose that wonderful upright wedge, the Matterhorn. Its precipitous sides were powdered over with snow, and the upper half hidden in thick clouds which now and then dissolved to cobweb films and gave brief glimpses of the imposing tower as through a veil. A little later the Matterhorn took to himself the semblance of a volcano; he was stripped naked to his apex around this circled vast wreaths of white cloud which strung slowly out and streamed away slantwise toward the sun, a twenty-mile stretch of rolling and tumbling vapour, and looking just as if it were pouring out of a crater.
1 Note. I had the very unusual luck to catch one little momentary glimpse of the Matterhorn wholly unencumbered by clouds. I levelled my photographic apparatus at it without the loss of an instant, and should have got an elegant picture if my donkey had not interfered. It was my purpose to draw this photograph all by myself for my book, but was obliged to put the mountain part of it into the hands of the professional artist because I found I could not do landscape well. 
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Exhibition: Landscape: Mountains 
Apr 8, 2012 Landscape: A 19th Century Perspective 
A short introductory exhibition on how landscapes were photographed in the 19th century. Further exhibitions will be added on each of the diverse types of landscapes as we proceed. 
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Exhibition: Landscape: A 19th Century Perspective 
Apr 8, 2012 Changes in the sizes of cameras and equipment 
Cameras have declined in size over the years.
This is the kind of phrase often repeated but here is a selection of images that demonstrate the changes. 
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Exhibition: Changes in the sizes of cameras and equipment 
Apr 1, 2012 Photojournalism - Rise of the Picture Magazine 
Illustrated magazines and the rise of photojournalism had an immense impact of photographic styles and the sequencing of images to create photo-essays. This exbition brings together some examples from the most important illustrated magazines of the twentieth century.
Does anybody have scans of the front covers of The African Drum and Drum
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Exhibition: Photojournalism - Rise of the Picture Magazine 
Apr 1, 2012 Transportation: Cars 
From studio props, car construction, racing and accidents each part of our addiction to the automobile is covered in this online exhibition. Here we see early images from a vast variety of public and private collections - enjoy. 
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Exhibition: Transportation: Cars 
Apr 1, 2012 People looking through windows 
A collection of photographs of people peering through windows - each searching for a better world outside perhaps. 
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Exhibition: People looking through windows 
Apr 1, 2012 Additional Contents pages available.... form out of chaos... well maybe.... 
 To improve navigation on Luminous-Lint I've added a number additional content pages today. At this point I'm concentrating on bringing together the visual evidence that supports the understanding of photo-history rather than writing one or more histories. The new contents pages take you to the online exhibitions and visual indexes that provide examples from all areas of the world, the significant techniques and processes used and the key themes. Once we have the visual material indexed we can plan the accompanying texts and that will be a long and complex task so feel free to join in at any time.
Here are some additional Contents pages I've just made public:
Contents - The default page gives a partial structure.
Contents - Alphabetical - A complete listing of topics (There are no thesaurus type "SEE" and "SEE ALSO" connections as yet but we will add those in later.)
Contents - Styles and movements - It can take vast amounts of time tracking down representative photographs for the different styles and movements within photography so this is a useful starting point for educators.
Contents - Articles - Over time we will include articles on specific topics and this is a starting point. The next step is to build up the visual evidence that will be used to support each topic prior to constructing the outlines and then prepare the draft texts so pass on your suggestions. At the moment I'm considering:
  • Allegorical photography
  • Amateur photography
  • Anonymous photography
  • Backgrounds
  • Camera clubs
  • Censorship
  • Cinema - Filmmaking and cinema
  • Collecting photography
  • Conservation
  • Fabricated realities
  • Fakes and forgeries
  • Humor and photography
  • Iconic reproductions
  • Itinerant photographers
  • Marine photography
  • Maritime
  • Night
  • Non-canonical photography
  • Photo festivals
  • Photographers who died in action
  • Photographic studios
  • Photographs assimilated into popular culture
  • Physique photography studios
  • Preservation of photographic archives
  • Propaganda
  • Sequences and series
  • Spirit photography
  • Staged photography
  • Subterranean photography
  • Surveillance
  • Wedding photography

These provide a starting point for discussion as we proceed. 

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