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Jane Clifford 
Armour Helmet 
1865 (ca) 
Albumen print 
13 3/4 x 10 1/8 
Charles Nes Photography LLC New York - Paris 
In an email from Lee Fontanella (1 Jan 2010) who has spent considerable time researching the issue, he proposed that Charles Clifford made the negatives prior to his death in 1863. Jane Clifford made the positives and in letters to London she wrote that she could supply sets of the Armoury photographs. Jane Clifford certainly made negatives and positives of the "Treasures of the Dauphin".
The attribution of this photograph to Jane Clifford, wife of Charles Clifford, has been questioned as there were a number of photographers including Charles Clifford and Jean Laurent who took photographs in the Royal Armory at about this time. Further research is required to ascertain the photographer with certainty. (Alan Griffiths following emails from Paul Frecker and Gerardo Kurtz, March 2007) 

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Jane Clifford 
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Jane Clifford
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