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Karl Baden 
[The Kid] 
Page layout from unpublished book 
Provided by the artist - Karl Baden 
I'm staring at that blue patch, searching for the mistake. It's not that I don't believe it; rather, I'm trying not to believe it.
I look up at Liz. She's wearing an enormous grin. "We made this together!" she says, "It's a miracle!" She hugs me, but I'm too stunned to respond. All I want now is to go to bed and not feel like I have to figure everything out tonightą
10/13/93 2:30 am
Fat chance. I'll be up till dawn.

"Liz and I became first-time parents as we entered middle age. Our daughter was born three weeks after Liz's 39th birthday and four days short of my 42nd. Our decision to have a child was the result of four years filled with discussion, negotiation, second guessing, threat and counterthreat, outright battling and, finally, agreement. We would both take this journey, Liz reassured me; the distant glow of our destination was sunshine and not the headlight of an oncoming train.
These are page reproductions, excerpted from 'The Kid' an unpublished, unabashedly biased and self-involved chronicle describing how we allowed our lives to change in a way that is at once commonplace and extraordinary.
All text in 'The Kid' is from my journal entries. The tale is told in my voice and seen through my eyes. I make no claim to objectivity. Hope and fear go hand and hand." (Karl Baden, May 19, 2007) 

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