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George Skene Keith 
Title page for Alexander Keith "Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion derived from the Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy", Thirty-seventh edition (London, T. Nelson and Sons, 1859) 
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In this book Dr. George Skene Keith took Daguerreotypes of locations and archaeological sites to provide visual evidence for his father Alexander Keith's writings.
Preface to the Thirty-Sixth Edition
In searching for facts alone, in illustration of prophecies, it has uniformly been the Author's endeavour to adduce the most unexceptionable and conclusive evidence; and hence unbelievers, condemned out of their own mouths, have in general been the leading witnesses. As soon as photography began to take its place among the wonderful arts or inventions of the present day, he anticipated a mode of demonstration that could neither be questioned nor surpassed; as, without the need of any testimony, or the aid of either pen or pencil, the rays of the sun would thus depict what the prophets saw. With this intent, on his first visit to the East, he took with him some calotype paper, &c., the mode of preparing which was then secret; but on reaching Syria it was wholly useless. Then engaged in another object, he passed within an hour of Ashkelon and another of Tyre, without seeing either. A second visit to Syria, accompanied by one of his sons, Dr G. S. Keith, Edinburgh, by whom the daguerreotype views were taken, enables him now to adduce such proof; and has led besides to such an enlargement of the evidence from manifold additional facts, as he fain hopes may impart that lesson to others with which his own mind has been impressed, a still deeper conviction of the defined precision of the sure word of prophecy

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George Skene Keith 
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