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Unidentified photographer 
Abu Ghraib Prison 
Digital image 
Various sizes 
Now, digital imaging allows soldiers themselves to document and tell their uncensored stories of war. The grainy, amateur snapshots made of prisoners being abused by the guards in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, distributed by email and eventually on the Internet, were deemed so powerfully disturbing and shameful that the U.S. government tried to suppress them. Changes in who is making and circulating pictures are evolving with the widespread use of web logs (blogs) and alternative news and open reference websites. The character of imagemaking and its distribution is challenging old journalistic approaches creating new and diverse ways of seeing, understanding, and knowing our world. These images also demonstrate the veracity of digital images can be authenticated within the structure of reliable journalistic process.
See André Gunthert. "Digital Imaging Goes to War," Photographies, 2008, 1:1, 103-112. 

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