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Regulations for the Royal Engineer Department (War Office, December 4th, 1873) 
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Section XIII - Plans, Instruments, Photography, &c.
IV. Photography
855. Photographic apparatus and men for working it, are allowed at particular stations : (a.) To provide the means for taking representations of objects of special interest, but chiefly those of a professional character.
(b.) To take photographs to accompany the Quarterly Progress Reports for the purpose of illustrating the progress made on any large works,
(c.) To take photographs to assist in explaining Record and other plans, and in some cases as substitutes for elevations.
856. At Stations where photographic apparatus and Sappers or Photographic non-commissioned officers of Engineers for working it are allowed, the Commanding Royal Engineer will be guided by the following relating to. Instructions:
(a.) The photographers will be considered as available for every service of the corps, and will only be engaged in photographing when the Commanding Royal Engineer may consider the object worthy of it, or for the necessary practice for maintaining and improving the individuals in the art. Where photographers prove themselves incompetent without probability of improvement they will cease to be employed in that capacity.
(b.) The Commanding Royal Engineer will use his discretion in causing additional men, who may be apt, to receive more or less instruction, provided he has funds at his disposal, on the item for photography; but under no circumstances, unless specially authorised, will their pay, whilst so employed, be charged to any other item than that provided in the estimate for photography.
(c.) The daily employment of the photographers will be recorded in a book, kept for the purpose at the station; it will give details of the materials used, of the men employed, and the particular nature of the work performed.
(d.) A Quarterly Report will be forwarded to the Inspector General of Fortifications, specifying particulars of the work done, of the number of men employed, and the consumption of material, &c.
(e.) The plates of subjects of particular interest will be preserved; the negatives of objects of minor importance may be obliterated after the requisite number of impressions shall have been struck off. A register will be kept of all photographs taken.
(f.) When photographs are of such a nature that it is desirable for a considerable time to preserve them, they will be printed by the carbon or some other permanent process. It may be necessary to send the negatives to England for this purpose.
(g.) Three copies of all subjects of any general interest will be sent to the Inspector General of Fortifications. Photographs will be packed flat when transmitted.
(h.) Every copy will have written on it the subject, locality, date, name of the photographer, where the plates, if preserved, are deposited, and when necessary will be accompanied by a plan showing the point of view, and the angle included.
(i.) The whole apparatus will be placed under the responsible charge of some non-commissioned officer or trustworthy man, and the materials will be duly guarded from misappropriation or waste.
857. Copies of photographs of fortifications will not be sold, but copies of photographs of buildings or of views of general interest may be sold to any member of a garrison wishing to purchase them, at such prices as will cover the cost of production, and will not interfere unduly with the interests of private establishments.
858. The amount realized by the sale will be handed over quarterly to the Local Controller whose receipt will be taken; and a statement of the amount will be included in the quarterly report of photography. 

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