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T. Faris 
The Jeffrey Kraus Collection 
It will be perceived that the black varnish constituting the BACK GROUND of these AMBROTYPES, IS NOT IN CONTACT WITH THE PICTURE, but, on a SECOND GLASS cemented to that on which the picture is made. If, therefore, the varnish should crack, or become rubbed from the glass, the picture will not by this be least impaired, as the whole of the varnish may be removed, without injury, and a new background supplied by the addition of a new coating of black varnish. This is not the case with pictures made on SINGLE GLASS, as the least injury of these destroys the picture for ever.
The process of sealing these pictures is patented in the United States, Great Britain and France.
The Real AMBROTYPES, are made in Cincinnati,
By FARIS, only 

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