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The Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co. (Rochester, N.Y.) 
The Kodak 
1890, April (published) 
Magazine page, advert 
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If any of our readers are interested in photography they cannot afford to be in ignorance of the wonderful little camera called the Kodak. It is the most ingenious piece of photograhic apparatus that has ever come under our notice. It is so simple that a child can work it, and yet the results are so perfect that the most expert are proud to carry and use it. The Kodak embraces an entirely new system of photography, being loaded with a continuous band or spool ofsensative film, which enables the operator to make one hundred negatives with one charging. This film is as transparent as glass and as flexible as paper, It is wound upon a spool and is used in an instrument called a roll-holder which is attached to the camera. After making an exposure (as the taking of the picture is termed), by simply turning a key the exposed portion of film is removed from its position back of the lens and a new portion brought into place. This is done by the film, which is a continuous band, being wound oft" of one spool on to another. The great advantages of this system over the old-fashioned glass plates are enormous. Formerly the number of pictures that an amateur was able to make upon a journey was limited by his capacity as a pack horse, so to speak, but with the new system of film photography embodied in the Kodak, material sufficient for several thousand negatives can be carried without inconvenience. The Kodak is a most unique and perfect camera, measuring but 3% x '% x 6% inches and weighing but 32 ounces. The pictures we have seen from this camera are of the very finest order, being very clear and sharp. It is particularly adapted for instantaneous work, such as photographing street scenes, objects in motion, etc. The Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co., of Rochester, N. Y who are the inventors and manufacturers should be communicated with and one ot their catalogues secured. See advertisement in this journal.
This advert was published in The New Jersey Law Review, Vol.XIII, April, 1890, No.4, p.128 

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