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Photographers of Rome 
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John Murray (Firm) A Handbook of Rome and its Environs, Seventh edition, (London: John Murray, 1864), p.xxii-xxiii.
21. Photographs, Photography has of late years been very successfully applied in representing not only the ancient and modern monuments of Rome, but sculpture, and in copying the original drawings of the old masters. A less legitimate application of it perhaps has been the reproduction of the chefs-d'oeuvre of the old masters from engravings, for it is scarcely necessary to remark that to the present time photography has imperfectly succeeded in copying oil pictures from the originals. The purchaser will therefore do well to bear in mind that what may be sold to him as a photographic copy of a painting has been in reality made from an engraving in the greater number of instances, or from a drawing. The most eminent artists in photography at Rome are Sig. Cuccioni, an Italian, at 18, Via Condotti, and Mr. Anderson, an Englishman. Cuccioni's photographs are excellent, and the large ones of the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, St. Peter's, St. Paul's, the Castle of St. Angelo, the Fontana di Trevi, &c., are chefs-d'oeuvres. unique for their size and execution; his reproductions of the ancient sculptures in the museums of the Capitol and Vatican are also extremely good. Mr. Anderson's photographs, the best we have seen, are extremely faithful and good, and of different sizes to suit all purses and purchasers: they can only be procured at Spithover's library. Mr. Anderson is the most extensive producer of photographs in Rome, and his productions, as those of Cuccioni, stand the light well. Some of Anderson's finest photographs of old paintings have been made from exquisite drawings by Sig. Rocchi, which deserve to be distinguished from those taken from engravings. A. has also photographed the works in sculpture of the most eminent modern artists, Gibson, Macdonald, Spence, Cardwell, Hosmer, &c; many of the chefs-d'oeuvre of the Vatican and Capitoline Museums; and the finest at the Villa Ludovisi. Mr. Macpherson, 12, Vicolo di Aliberti, near the Piazza di Spagna, where his photographs can only be procured. Dovizielli, 136, Via Babuino; especially for the photographs of Raphael's frescoes in the Farnesina Palace. Mr. Ferrando, 11, Via Bocca di Leone, opposite the Hotel d'Angleterre, for portraits and reproductions from the works of the old masters. The price of photographs varies with the size: those of Anderson from 2 1/2 to 12 pauls ; those of Cuccioni from 5 pauls to 1 scudo ; and of Macpherson 1 sc.; Cuccioni's magnificent views of the Forum, St. Peter's, the Castle of St. Angelo, and the Coliseum, in 2 and 3 pieces which join perfectly, from 5 to 10 scudi. Inferior photographs to the above-mentioned may be had at the principal print-shops; and those adapted for the stereoscope, mostly made in Paris, at Spithover's and Piale's libraries, at Ansiglioni's, 150, Corso, and Suscipi's, 182 in the same street.
22. Photographic Portraits. There are several artists at Rome who are very successful in their photographic portraits; those who can be recommended are Sig. Ferrando, 11, Via Bocca di Leone; Alessandri, No. 65, Via Babuino, 3 piano: the small card likenesses by these two artists are very beautiful, the price varying according to the number of copies ordered 5 fr. for a single proof; 15 for 10; 25 for 25; and for 50 or 100, 1 fr. each, the likeness in the latter case being taken in 3 or 4 different positions. 
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