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Jean Cocteau (director) 
The mouth speaks "Air!" (Film still from Jean Cocteau "Le Sang d'un Poète" [The Blood of a Poet], 00:00) 
Film frame 
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After wiping away the mouth in a drawing the hand of the poet becomes "infected" by the talking mouth.
In a lecture Jean Cocteux gave at the debut of "Sang du Poet" at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier, January 1932 he said:
... the solitude of the poet is so great, he lives out his own creations, so vividly that the mouth of one of his creations is imprinted on his hand like a would; that he loves this mouth, that he loves himself, in other words; that he wakes up in the morning with this mouth against him like a chance acquaintance; that he tries to get rid of it, that he gets rid of it, on a dead statue; that it takes its revenge; that it sends him off into terrible adventures.

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