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Insley & Martyr (Jersey City) 
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Richard T. Rosenthal 
The World Moves!
The people of this generation enjoy an advantage never before enjoyed in the history of the world. They can transmit to posterity every phase of themselves, the freshness of youth, the manhood and womanhood of middle age, and the honored gray hairs of declining life - so that, although we may not be able to see what our descendents will be like a century hence - yet they can see what we have been in this remote period of history. It wil be a gratification for some great-great-great-grand descendent to see how Aunty so-and-so or Uncle so-and-so looked; some of whose virtues have dropped along down the corridors of time. A few dollars laid out now in PICTURES will be worth accrued compound interest to posterity.
What would we not give to see our ancestors in every suit of clothes they wore.
Insley & Martur,
45 & 47 Montgomery St.
Jersey City,
will take pleasure in Photographing every one who will favor them with a call. 

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