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Unidentified photographer/creator 
Dark tent - from Rouch, in London 
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Published in "Handbook of the Practice and Art of Photography" by Dr. Hermann Vogel, translated by Edward Moelling (Philadelphia: Benerman & Wilson, 1871), p.213, fig.68.
the travelling photographer will do well to carry his own dark-room along. For such a portable room nothing is better than a tent, which, above everything else, must be light-tight, solid, easily put up, and sufficiently comfortable. As one of the most useful dark-rooms, we can recommend those of Rouch, in London (Fig. 68). It consists, when folded up, of a square box, which, in the annexed figure, is visible as a simple box. When opened, the lid forms the horizontal base of the tent, and the box, the sides. To the latter, the tent cloth, consisting of double black and yellow material, is nailed; two iron rods are fastened in the box, and the tent cloth is thrown over it; it hangs down as an open bag, in which the operator has to creep. The whole is supported by a firm tripod. The bath is put in a black bag, which descends in front. A square hole, covered with double oiled silk, serves for a window. The best way of arranging this is to make a window which can easily be opened. On the top of the tent a water box is placed, which communicates with the interior by means of India-rubber hose; the latter is provided with a stop-cock. The sides of the tent are best provided with pockets to receive small articles, such as plate-holders, dippers, &c., &c. The base is a folding rubber dish, which has an outlet to the exterior. The tent is placed in a shady place, protected from the wind. In very warm countries sprinkling the tent cloth, and the bag containing the silver bath, with water is an excellent way of keeping both cool. 
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