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Terry King 
The south aisle of Chichester Cathedral 
Van Dyke print 
Provided by the artist - Terry King 
One of the disadvantages of the salt print was that one had to coat the paper with salt first and then sensitise it with silver nitrate to give a silver chloride print. A process developed by Mr Nicol enabled the paper to be coated with only one coat. The process was essentially a variation on Herschel's iron based processes but using silver nitrate as the metal salt to make the final picture. Not only was Nicol's process too late to compete with platinum but his methods of fixing the image were not very effective. Over the years a number of processes have been developed from Nicol's original including the Kallitype and the Van Dyke print. Here is a Van Dyke print otherwise known as brown print or even as a Kallitype I. It is probably, after the cyanotype, the easiest process with which to get good results. 

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