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Luminous-Lint presents online exhibitions curated by collectors, galleries, museums and photographers. You will find it a comprehensive look at groups of photographs from all eras, regions and themes. Please look each week for new exhibitions, and email us at to tell us your ideas for an exhibition you would like to see or curate. 

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Most Popular Online Exhibitions This Month

1.Portrait: The Guinea Pig Club
2.19th Century Post-mortem photography and memento mori (For subscribers)
3.Andrej Glusgold: An Evolving Retrospective
4.August Sander: People of the 20th Century: Portraits of German Citizens 1910-1940
5.Eva Leitolf: German Images - Looking for Evidence 2006-2008
6.Ghosts, apparitions, angels, spiritual visitations and views of the future
7.Felice Beato - Burma (For subscribers)
8.John Wood: Endurance and Suffering - Narratives of Disease in the 19th Century
9.Professor Albert Richards: X-rays of Flowers
10.19th Century Photographic Studios: Backgrounds
11.Karl Blossfeldt‘s Original "Urformen der Kunst" / "Art Forms in Nature"
12.Jerry Uelsmann: Trees
13.The Clarence H. White School of Photography
14.Najaf Shokri: Iran Dokht
15.Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature
16.Scientific: Movement (For subscribers)
17.Samuel Bourne
18.Jean-Philippe Charbonnier: Psychiatric hospitals
19.Dr. Hugh Welch Diamond: Patients at Surrey Asylum (ca. 1855) (For subscribers)
20.Felice Beato - China and the Second Opium War (1860) (For subscribers)
21.Thomas Annan: The Old Closes & Streets of Glasgow (1900)
22.American Civil War (1861-1865) (For subscribers)
23.Jean-Philippe Charbonnier: The Biter Bit
24.Insights into the Photographic Collection of the Austrian Geographic Society
25.Erotica: Women (For subscribers)
26.The Second Empire through the Lens of A.A.E. Disdéri
27.Stereo images: Storage and display (For subscribers)
28.John Loengard: Celebrating the Negative
29.Stereo images (For subscribers)
30.Talbot: Fashion Photography in Paris 1910-1920
31.Tintypes (For subscribers)
32.Les Krims
33.Lauren Greenfield: Girl Culture
34.Portrait: Musicians (For subscribers)
35.Fashion: 19th Century - Dating - Ladies (For subscribers)
36.Earliest War Photographs (For subscribers)
37.Photographic Amusements (For subscribers)
38.Abstract: Solarization (For subscribers)
39.Painting on photographs: A 19th Century perspective (For subscribers)
40.Mexican-American War (1846-1848) (For subscribers)
41.19th Century Photographic Studios: Interiors (For subscribers)
42.Documentary: 19th Century Jacob Riis and How the Other Half Live (For subscribers)
43.19th Century Photographic Studios: Exteriors (For subscribers)
44.Timothy O'Sullivan: Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian (1871-1874)
45.Colours: Blue (For subscribers)
46.Autochromes: Technique
47.The Commercial Portraiture of Camille Silvy
48.Abstract: Lines - Diagonals from the lower left to the upper right (For subscribers)
49.Auction Preview: Be-Hold 51 Part 1 (Feb 21, 2008)
50.Early photographs of American Folk Art from the David A. Schorsch collection

Add to the Online Exhibitions

We welcome submissions to create online exhibitions of a photographer‘s works, a creative theme, a show at a gallery or a museum, or any number of other possiblities. Please email us at to discuss and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Recently Added Online Exhibitions

Frederick Gutekunst: Scenery on the Pennsylvania Rail-Road (ca 1875) 
Samuel Bourne: India 
Early photographs of American Folk Art from the David A. Schorsch collection 
Structural Steel 
The Haj 
T. Enami 
Imogen Cunningham 
Eadweard Muybridge 
American Civil War (1861-1865: Robin Stanford Civil War Photography Collection 

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