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955.01   Description of the Bridges-Lee New Patent Photo-Theodolite (1897 ca.)
955.02   Camera transit made by Fairchild (ca. 1946)
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated.
955.01   Scientific >  Description of the Bridges-Lee New Patent Photo-Theodolite (1897 ca.) 
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Casella, L[ouis P.], 1897 (ca) Description of the the Bridges-Lee New Patent Photo-Theodolite, with full Instructions as to it manipulation in the field (London: L. Casella) 
955.02   Scientific >  Camera transit made by Fairchild (ca. 1946) 
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HomeContents > Further research

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General reading 
Birdseye, C.H., 1940, ‘Stereoscopic Phototopographic Mapping‘, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 1-24 [Δ
Casella, L[ouis P.], 1897 (ca), Description of the the Bridges-Lee New Patent Photo-Theodolite, with full Instructions as to it manipulation in the field, (London: L. Casella) [Manual - Smithsonian, Trade Literature, Scientific Instruments] [Δ
Doyle, F., 1964, ‘The Historical Development of Analytical Photogrammetry‘, Photogrammetric Engineering, vol. XXX, no. 2, pp. 259-265 [Δ
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Thompson, M. (ed.), 1966, Manual of Photogrammetry, (Falls Church, VA: American Society of Photogrammetry) [3rd edition] [Δ
Readings on, or by, individual photographers 
Cesare Tardivo 
Tardivo, C., 1910, La fotografia dall'aerostato nelle sue applicazioni in topografia, (Roma) [Δ
Tardivo, C., 1911, Manuale de fotografia-telefotografia dal pallone, (Torino) [Δ
Tardivo, C., 1912, Fotografia e telefotografia militare dall'aeroplano e dal dirigible, (Roma) [Δ
Tardivo, C., 1913, Topografia aerea, (Roma) [Δ
If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 

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Edouard Deville  (1849-1924) • Aimé Laussedat  (1819-1907) • Albrecht Meydenbauer  (1834-1921) • Paulo Ignazio Pietro Porro  (1801-1875) • Carl Pulfrich  (1858-1929) • Theodor Scheimpflug  (1865-1911) • Cesare Tardivo  (1870-1953)
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A wider gaze

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ThumbnailPhotogrammetry: Camera transit made by Fairchild 
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