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Objects incorporating photographs
909.01   Paper objects that incorporate photographs
909.02   The Saturday Programme and Sketch Book
909.03   Paris-Theatre / Paris-Portrait
909.04   Calendars
909.05   Family trees
909.06   Menu de communion d'Adolphe Verspreeuwen
909.07   Marriage certificates
909.08   Wanted criminals
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Objects incorporating photographs 
909.01   Objects incorporating photographs >  Paper objects that incorporate photographs 
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   19thc Objects with photographs 
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909.02   Objects incorporating photographs >  The Saturday Programme and Sketch Book 
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909.03   Objects incorporating photographs >  Paris-Theatre / Paris-Portrait 
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909.04   Objects incorporating photographs >  Calendars 
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909.05   Objects incorporating photographs >  Family trees 
909.06   Objects incorporating photographs >  Menu de communion d'Adolphe Verspreeuwen 
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This 1882 "Photoglyptie" from the collection of the Musée français de la Photographie (2007.34.1) shows the "Menu de communion d'Adolphe Verspreeuwen". 
909.07   Objects incorporating photographs >  Marriage certificates 
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909.08   Objects incorporating photographs >  Wanted criminals 
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Advertisements, broadsides and wanted posters for alleged criminals have a long history.[1] Prior to photography woodcuts and engravings were used showing the person wanted along with a textual description. The organisation requesting information was usually a governmental organization or a police authority but a whole range of other private companies and vigilante groups were also involved. With the advent of photography the likenesses of the person sought presumably increased as likenesses became more accurate. The police and security services use sheets of suspects at demonstrations and the pages produced of Twenty Wanted Anarchist Women [Moscow] in 1890s Imperial Russia are essentially the same as that used by the British Public Order Intelligence Unit for a 2005 event.  
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Monitoring suspects 
One of the most famous wanted broadsides was that seeking the apprehension of those involved in the assassination of President Lincoln. Some versions of the broadside, which was printed with the words $100,000 Reward! The Murderer Of our late beloved President, Abraham Lincoln, included three albumen prints of Booth, Surratt, and Herold.[2]  
Broadside for Capture of Booth, Surratt, and Herold, April 20, 1865] 
The information on printed materials for alleged criminals is usually, an image, identification details and name when available, offence, reward and who to contact. 

  1. Λ Martin J. Kidston & Barbara Fifer, 2003, Wanted!: WAnted Posters of the Old West, (Farcountry Press) 
  2. Λ Unknown Artist (American School), [Broadside for Capture of Booth, Surratt, and Herold, April 20, 1865], 1865, 20 April, Printed sheet with three albumen silver prints, 60.5 x 31.3 cm (23 13/16 x 12 5/16 ins) (sheet), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gilman Collection, Purchase, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Gift, through Joyce and Robert Menschel, 2005, Accession Number: 2005.100.96


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Kidston, Martin J. & Fifer, Barbara, 2003, Wanted!: Wanted Posters of the Old West, (Farcountry Press) isbn-10: 156037263X isbn-13: 978-1560372639 [Δ
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Thumbnail19th Century Paper-based objects incorporating photographs 
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Released (November 12, 2010) If you have any examples of paper-based items that incorporate photographs I'd be most interested.

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