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897.01   Introduction to tipped-in photographs in books
897.02   Anna Atkins: Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype impressions (1843-1854)
897.03   Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature (1844-1846)
897.04   Henry Fox Talbot: Sun Pictures in Scotland (1845)
897.05   Hill & Adamson: A Series of Calotype Views - St. Andrews (1846)
897.06   William Sterling: Annals of the Artists of Spain (1848)
897.07   Anna Atkins: Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Flowering Plants and Ferns (ca. 1854)
897.08   Constantin v. Ettingshausen and A. Pokorny: Physiotypia plantarum austriacarum (1855-1856)
897.09   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Teneriffe - An Astronomer’s Experiment (1857)
897.10   Richard Banner Oakeley: The Pagoda of Hallibeed (1859)
897.11   Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851 (1852)
897.12   Roger Fenton: The Conway in the Stereoscope (1860)
897.13   William Despard Hemphill: The Abbeys, Castles, and Scenery of Clonmel and the Surrounding Countryside (1860)
897.14   Balmanno Squire: A Manual of the Diseases of the Skin (1862)
897.15   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East (1862)
897.16   William and Mary Howitt: Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain (1862)
897.17   Francis Frith: The Holy Bible (1862-1863)
897.18   William Howitt: Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain and Ireland, Second Series (1864)
897.19   Edward Bierstadt: Photographic Illustrations Of Skin Diseases (1864)
897.20   Henry Moulton: Rays of Sunlight from South America (1865)
897.21   Francis Frith: Illustrations for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Hyperion (1865)
897.22   Alexander Gardner's Photographic Sketchbook of the War (1866)
897.23   Eugène Charles de Gayffier: Herbier Forestier de la France (1867)
897.24   Thomas H. Dyer: The Ruins of Pompeii. A Series of Eighteen Photographic Views (1867)
897.25   William Johnson & William Henderson: The Oriental races and tribes, residents and visitors of Bombay (published 1863-1866)
897.26   J. Forbes Watson & John William Kaye (eds.): The People of India (1868-1872)
897.27   Paris Commune Album (1871)
897.28   Henry W. Taunt: The River Thames (1872)
897.29   Alexander Gardner: Ogallalla Sioux (May, 1872)
897.30   William Bradford, John Dunmore and George Critcherson: The Arctic Regions (1873)
897.31   Edward Bierstadt: Gems of American Scenery, consisting of Stereocopic Views among the White Mountains (1878)
897.32   Dr Guillaume-Amant Duchenne de Boulogne and Adrien Tournachon: Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine, ou analyse électrophysiologique des passions (1876)
897.33   William de Wiveleslie Abney: Thebes and its Five Greater Temples (1876)
897.34   I.W. Taber: The Taber photographic album of principal business houses, residences and persons (1880)
897.35   Lala Deen Dayal: Sorabji Jehangir - Princes and Chiefs of India (1903)
Armchair travelers
897.36   Photographically illustrated books for the armchair traveler
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