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Transportation infrastructure
727.01   Les Travaux Publics de la France (1878-1882)
727.02   Ports, harbours and docks
Transportation and photograph types
727.03   Albumen prints: Transportation
727.04   Carte de visites: Backs: Transportation
727.05   Stereoviews: Transportation
727.06   Vernacular: Transportation
Transportation backgrounds
727.07   Backgrounds: Transportation
Transportation and fashion
727.08   Transportation and fashion examples
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Transportation infrastructure 
727.01   Transportation >  Les Travaux Publics de la France (1878-1882) 
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In the middle of the nineteenth century a large number of public works were being constructed in France for the benefit of society. The bridges, roads, canals, port improvements, lighthouses and beacons were under the direction of the Ministère des Travaux Publics and photographs were shown at the Universal Exhibition in Vienna (1873). It was decided to create a publication of the photographs and this was organised by James de Rothschild and additional photographs were added. The five volume Les Travaux Publics de la France (1878-1882)[1] stands as one of the great documentary studies but is little known.
The photographs taken show the marvels of the construction and to emphasise the grandeur they are largely devoid of people and are similar to the typological works of Bernd & Hilla Becher[2] which came much later.
This publication included many of the best regional photographers working in France from the middle of the 19th century including:
Édouard Baldus (Paris)
Michel Berthauld (Paris)
De Bray (Nice)
Cabibel (Perpignan)
Cognac (La Rochelle)
Hippolyte-Auguste Collard (Paris)
Louis Alphonse Davanne (Paris)
Eugène Delon (Toulouse)
J. Duclos (Quimper)
Joguet (Lyon)
De Labrador (Bayonne)
Letellier (Le Havre)
Magny (Coutances)
Pacault (Pau)
Prompt (Albi)
Provost (Béziers)
Romanowski (Montpellier)
Sarault (Asnières)
Alphonse Terpereau (Bordeaux)
Adolphe Terris (Marseille)
   Documentary 19thc Les Travaux Publics De La France 
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727.02   Transportation >  Ports, harbours and docks 
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Transportation and photograph types 
727.03   Transportation >  Albumen prints: Transportation 
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727.04   Transportation >  Carte de visites: Backs: Transportation 
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727.05   Transportation >  Stereoviews: Transportation 
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727.06   Transportation >  Vernacular: Transportation 
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Transportation backgrounds 
727.07   Transportation >  Backgrounds: Transportation 
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Transportation and fashion 
727.08   Transportation >  Transportation and fashion examples 
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  1. Λ Les Travaux Publics de la France was published in five parts:
    Volume I: Félix Lukas - Ponts et routes (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Bridges and roads]
    Volume II: Edourd-Charles-Romain Collignon - Chemins de fer (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Railways]
    Volume III: H. de Lagrene - Rivières et canaux (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Rivers and canals]
    Volume IV: Voisin-Bey - Ports de mer (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Sea ports]
    Volume V: Emile Allard - Phares et balises (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Lighthouses and beacons]
  2. Λ There is a large literature on Bernd and Hilla Becher including - Bernd & Hiller Becher, 2004, Typologies of Industrial Buildings, (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press); Bernhard & Hilla Becher, 1970, Anonyme Skulpturen, A Typology of Technical Constructions, (New York: Wittenborn and Co.); Susanne Lange, 2006, Bernd and Hilla Becher: Life and Work, (The MIT Press)


HomeContents > Further research

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General reading 
Falconer, John, 1993, Sail & Steam: A Century of Maritime Enterprise: 1840-1935: Photographs from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, (London: Viking) isbn-10: 067084750X [Δ
Lyden, Anne M., 2003, Railroad Vision: Photography, Travel, and Perception, (J. Paul Getty Museum) isbn-10: 0892367261 isbn-13: 978-0892367269 [Δ
Rothschild, James de (sponsor), 1878-1882, Les travaux publics [The work was published in five parts:
Volume I: Félix Lukas - Ponts et routes (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Bridges and roads]
Volume II: Edourd-Charles-Romain Collignon - Chemins de fer (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Railways]
Volume III: H. de Lagrene - Rivières et canaux (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Rivers and canals]
Volume IV: Voisin-Bey - Ports de mer (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Sea ports]
Volume V: Emile Allard - Phares et balises (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1878-1882) [Lighthouses and beacons]
] [Δ
Readings on, or by, individual photographers 
Father Browne 
O'Donnell, E.E., 1996, Father Browne's Titanic Album: A Passenger's Photographs and Personal Memoir, (Wolfhound Press) isbn-10: 0863275982 [Δ
Alexander Gardner 
Gardner, Alexander, 1869 (ca), Across the Continent on the Kansas Pacific Railroad (Route of the 35th Parallel) [Δ
O. Winston Link 
Link, O. Winston, 1957, "Night Trick" on the Norfolk and Western Railway, (Roanoke, Virginia: Norfolk and Western Railway) [Δ
Link, O.W., 1987, Steam, Steel & Stars: America’s Last Steam Railroad, (New York: Harry N. Abrams) [With T. Hensley] [Δ
Link, O.W., 1995, The Last Steam Railroad in America: From Tidewater to Whitetop, (New York: Harry N. Abrams) [With T. Garver] [Δ
Jeffrey Milstein 
Milstein, Jeffrey, 2007, Aircraft: The Jet as Art, (Harry N. Abrams) isbn-10: 081099285X isbn-13: 978-0810992856 [Δ
Anton Rohrbach 
Junevicius, Dainius, 2013, Antalis Rohrbachas 1861 m. fotografijos, (Vilnius: Versus Aureus) isbn-13: 978-9955344049 [Δ
If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 

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Jeffrey Milstein • Anton Rohrbach  (1825-1889)
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ThumbnailJeffrey Milstein: Aircraft 
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Released (April 18, 2007)
ThumbnailTransportation: Cars 
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Released (April 1, 2012)
ThumbnailWilliam Laven: War Models 
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Released (November 16, 2006)

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ThumbnailCalvert Richard Jones: Ships and harbours 
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ThumbnailRobert Howlett and George Downes: The Leviathan, Steam Ship 
ThumbnailS.A. King: Balloon flights 
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ThumbnailArchitecture: Train stations 
ThumbnailBritain's R101 airship under construction at the Royal Airship Works, Cardington 
ThumbnailCoventry-rotary, Photo-tricycle, M.D. Rudge and Co. (Great Britain) 
ThumbnailPorts, harbors - harbours and docks 
ThumbnailRoad accidents 
ThumbnailTransportation: Airplanes 
ThumbnailTransportation: Airships 
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ThumbnailTransportation: Chariots 
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ThumbnailTransportation: Pack animals - mules, donkeys, burros and horses 
ThumbnailTransportation: Russian airplane 
ThumbnailTransportation: Sailing ships 
ThumbnailTransportation: Sedan chairs (Kago) 
ThumbnailTransportation: Shipping 
ThumbnailTransportation: Sleighs 
ThumbnailTransportation: Steamboats and paddle steamers 
ThumbnailTransportation: Submarines 
ThumbnailTransportation: Trains, railroads and railways 
ThumbnailTransportation: Trains: Central Pacific Railroad 
ThumbnailTransportation: Wagon trains 
ThumbnailTransportation: Wagons, carts, carriages and buggies 
ThumbnailVernacular: Themes: Transportation 
ThumbnailBackgrounds: Street photographers 
ThumbnailBackgrounds: Transportation 
ThumbnailAlbumen prints: Themes: Transportation 
ThumbnailCarte de visites: Backs: Transportation 
   Private collections 
ThumbnailCollection Laddy Kite: Transportation 
   Still thinking about these... 
ThumbnailDaguerreotypes of canal construction (ca. 1850) 
ThumbnailEastland disaster 
ThumbnailMessing about on boats 
ThumbnailThis "flying-machine" is just painted on canvas 
ThumbnailWyoming: Dale Creek Crossing (1868-1901) 
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