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Information requests
715.01   Improving content on photographic techniques
The process
715.02   The Gelatin Silver Print
715.03   Gelatin silver prints: Actors
715.04   Gelatin silver prints: Advertising
715.05   Gelatin silver prints: Erotica
715.06   Gelatin silver prints: Objects
715.07   Gelatin silver prints: Photographica
715.08   Gelatin silver prints: Still life
715.09   Gelatin silver prints: Strange
Techniques and manipulations
715.10   Gelatin silver prints: Multiple exposures
715.11   Photographic test strips
715.12   Painted gelatin silver prints
715.13   Gelatin silver prints: Sepia-toned
715.14   Press photographs with paint or instructions
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated.
Information requests 
715.01   Process and product >  Improving content on photographic techniques 
We are seeking to expand the themes covering photographic techniques and processes. These sections will include:
  • Invention of the process
  • Any related patents
  • Trade literature
  • Contemporary advertisements and announcements of the innovation
  • A description of the process and its variants
  • Historical examples and details of where examples can be located in public collections
  • Contemporary examples by photographers using the exact process.
Conservation will not initially be included but may be in the future if required.
The process 
715.02   Process and product >  The Gelatin Silver Print 
George Eastman House: See: Untold Stories - The Gelatin Silver Print: Photographic Processes 
715.03   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Actors 
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715.04   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Advertising 
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715.05   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Erotica 
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715.06   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Objects 
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715.07   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Photographica 
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715.08   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Still life 
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715.09   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Strange 
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Techniques and manipulations 
715.10   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Multiple exposures 
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715.11   Process and product >  Photographic test strips 
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One of the risks of genre-based classifications of photography is that the intersections between the themes become fixed and enshrined. This is the risk of the printed page where information needs to be divided into chunks that form coherent chapters - with the Internet the need for chunking is reduced.
If we look at this group of test strips from a darkroom by an unknown, possibly Belgian, photographer they represent the work practice of how to make a print. They don't fit into a canon of notable photographers and so they fall into vernacular photography - they make up temporal sequences and series like frames from a celluloid movie - but although we can examine the content of each frame overall they tend towards unintentional abstraction. The natural and industrial world include shapes that because of the loss of scale or the difficulty of isolating meaning in the real have this "unintentional" aspect. 
715.12   Process and product >  Painted gelatin silver prints 
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715.13   Process and product >  Gelatin silver prints: Sepia-toned 
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715.14   Process and product >  Press photographs with paint or instructions 
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In the pre-digital newsroom when physical prints landed infront of picture editors they were marked up with instructions and the areas not required painted out with white paint prior to going to press. The approach varied with simple outlining and airbrushing of areas not required. [1] 

  1. Λ Stanley Burns, 2008, Newsart: The Manipulated Photographs from the Burns Archive, (powerHouse Books / Burns Press)


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General reading 
Stulik, Dusan & Kaplan, Art, 2013, The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes: Silver Gelatin, (Los Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute) [Δ
If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 
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ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Painted 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Sepia-toned 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Erotica 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Multiple exposures 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Objects 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Photographica 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Portrait: Actors 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Still life 
ThumbnailGelatin silver prints: Themes: Strange 
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ThumbnailPhotographic test strips 
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