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707.01   Palaeontology
707.02   Bone Field on Talbot Hill, 10 miles from Canon City, Colo.
707.03   Philip Henry Delamotte: Models of Extinct Animals (1855)
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707.01   Scientific >  Palaeontology 
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In the 1874 Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Glasgow there is a brief mention of Thomas Annan[1]:
A number of large and beautiful photographs of slabs of polyzoa, crinoidea, and shells, executed by Mr Thomas Annan, Sauchiehall Street, were exhibited by the President as illustrative of what could be done by photography in producing faithful pictures of the numerous and varied organisms that crowd many of our limestone shales.[2]
707.02   Scientific >  Bone Field on Talbot Hill, 10 miles from Canon City, Colo. 
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The vast bonefield of newly discovered dinosaur fossils was known to contemporary travel writers.[3] 
707.03   Scientific >  Philip Henry Delamotte: Models of Extinct Animals (1855) 
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Guide books to the Crystal Palace exhibition provided lengthy description of the geological exhibits, landscapes and models of extinct species display. One begins this section with:
Taking our stand on the Grand Plateau, fifty feet in width, to which we have arrived, we obtain a general view of a tract of several acres of ground occupied by Geological illustrations, and including a number of islands already partly covered by strange figures, the restored forms of various animals which for many ages have ceased to exist as living tribes.[4]
Philip Henry Delamotte, who photographed the construction of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham (Great Britain) from 1851-1854, also photographed the models of extinct species. 

  1. Λ Thomas Annan is well known for his Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry (1870) and for The Old Closes & Streets of Glasgow - engraved by Annan from Photographs taken for the City of Glasgow Improvement Trust which has gone through multiple editions and is a classic of documentary photography. 
  2. Λ Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Glasgow, from the report of the Meeting of March 31st, 1874, vol. 11 - Part II, 1876, p. 252 
  3. Λ Joseph Gladding Pangborn, 1878,The New Rocky Mountain Tourist, Arkansas Valley and San Juan Guide 
  4. Λ Samuel Phillips, 1857, Guide to the Crystal Palace and Park, p. 189

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ThumbnailScientific: 19th Century Geology and Palaeontology 
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ThumbnailPhilip Henry Delamotte: Models of Extinct Animals 
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ThumbnailScientific: Palaentology 
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