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682.01   Improving content on photographic techniques
682.02   Cliché verre
682.03   Man Ray: Les vois lactées (1974)
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated. 
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Information requests 
682.01   Process and product >  Improving content on photographic techniques 
We are seeking to expand the themes covering photographic techniques and processes. These sections will include:
  • Invention of the process
  • Any related patents
  • Trade literature
  • Contemporary advertisements and announcements of the innovation
  • A description of the process and its variants
  • Historical examples and details of where examples can be located in public collections
  • Contemporary examples by photographers using the exact process.
Conservation will not initially be included but may be in the future if required.
682.02   Process and product >  Cliché verre 
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Cliché-verre[1] [Fr.] literally translated means "glass picture' and is a technique that combines art and photography and was used mainly by French artists including Jean Baptiste Corot,[2] Jean François Millet,[3] and Charles François Daubigny.[4] It was normally done by using a smoking candle to coat a glass plate with soot. The desired picture was then drawn with a sharp instrument directly into the blackened surface and the resulting plate was used as a photographic negative and contact printed.  
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Jean Baptiste Corot 
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Charles François Daubigny 
Although mainly used in the 1860s the cliché verre technique has also be used by György Kepes[5], Man Ray[6] and Abelardo Morell.[7]  
Carl-Heinz Chargesheimer 
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Man Ray: Les vois lactées (1974) 
682.03   Process and product >  Man Ray: Les vois lactées (1974) 
About this photographer | Photographs by this photographer 
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  7. Λ Abelardo Morell: Cliché-verres


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Glassman, Elizabeth & Symmes, Marilyn F., 1980, Cliché-verre: Hand-Drawn, Light-Printed: A Survey of the Medium from 1839 to the Present, (Detroit: The Detroit Institute of Arts) [Δ
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Jean Baptiste Corot  (1796-1875) • Charles François Daubigny  (1817-1878) • György Kepes  (1906-2001) • Abelardo Morell  (1948-)
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ThumbnailCharles François Daubigny: Cliché-verre 
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ThumbnailJean Baptiste Corot: Cliché-verre 
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ThumbnailMan Ray: Les vois lactées (1974) 
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