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676.01   Paper objects that incorporate photographs
676.02   Non-paper objects that incorporate photographs
676.03   An introduction to photo-jewelry
676.04   Photograph on the binding of a photograph album
676.05   Game boards
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated. 
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676.01   Objects incorporating photographs >  Paper objects that incorporate photographs 
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   19thc Objects with photographs 
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676.02   Objects incorporating photographs >  Non-paper objects that incorporate photographs 
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   19thc Objects with photographs 
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676.03   Objects incorporating photographs >  An introduction to photo-jewelry 
During the nineteenth century photo-jewelry was made using a variety of photographic types. Daguerreotypes and tintypes, also known as melainotypes, which used metal were ideal because of their durability and could be easily cut to size but other forms were used including glass-based ambrotypes. By floating the collodion image from a glass plate onto a ceramic one and then sealing it with glazes and a heat treatment durable photographs were created. Salt prints, albumen prints, gelatin silver prints and or paper based photographs could be used but they were not as long-lasting.[1]
Stick pins
676.04   Objects incorporating photographs >  Photograph on the binding of a photograph album 
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676.05   Objects incorporating photographs >  Game boards 
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HomeContents > Further research

General reading 
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If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 
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A wider gazeA closer look

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Please submit suggestions for Online Exhibitions that will enhance this theme.
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Thumbnail19th Century Non-paper-based objects incorporating photographs 
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Improved (November 12, 2010) If you have any photographic novelties or photo jewelry please share a scan or two.
Thumbnail19th Century Paper-based objects incorporating photographs 
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Released (November 12, 2010) If you have any examples of paper-based items that incorporate photographs I'd be most interested.
ThumbnailHistory of the Miniature Case 
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Improved (March 13, 2007) Paul Berg, author of "Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames", has kindly provided this remarkable exhibition. (July 10, 2006)
ThumbnailPhoto-jewelry in the nineteenth Century 
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Released (May 1, 2006)

HomeVisual indexes > Objects incorporating photographs

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