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Information requests
67.01   Improving content on countries
67.02   Samuel Fosso: Self portraits
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated.
Information requests 
67.01   Africa >  Improving content on countries 
We are seeking to extend the information and examples we can share on this country.
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67.02   Africa >  Samuel Fosso: Self portraits 
About this photographer | Photographs by this photographer 
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Samuel Fosso in the Central African Republic took a number of self portraits in different outfits from 1976 onwards.[1] When this work was seen in 1993 by the French photographer Bernard Descamps as he collected material for an exhibition on African photography it burst upon the art world with a storm. In his Tati series Samuel Fosso adorned himself to become a golfer, a biker, a lifeguard, and many others - an ironic look at the west with an African vision. His more recent color work continues the whimsical theme with tongue in cheek self-portraits including the wonderful satire The Chief who Sold Africa to the Colonialists.
Samuel Fosso said in a 2011 interview that his self-portraits were a spinoff from his photographic business:
I started taking self-portraits simply to use up spare film; people wanted their photographs the next day, even if the roll wasn't finished, and I didn't like waste. The idea was to send some pictures to my mother in Nigeria, to show her I was all right.
Then I saw the possibilities. I started trying different costumes, poses, backdrops. It began as a way of seeing myself grow up, and slowly it became a personal history – as well as art, I suppose.[2]

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  2. Λ John Henley, 19 June 2011, "Photographer Samuel Fosso's best shot", The Guardian, [Interview]
    (Accessed: 14 August 2013)


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Samuel Fosso 
Njami, Simon, 2011, Samuel Fosso, Dorian Gray in Bangui, (Revue Noire) isbn-10: 2909571661 isbn-13: 978-2909571669 [Δ
Schneider, Jürg, 2009, September, ‘Le photographe photography. Photographic self-reference in the work of Samuel Fosso‘, Newsletter Photography, vol. 16, no. 3 / NF 63, pp. 31-33 [Δ
If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 

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Samuel Fosso  (1962-) • Casimir Zagourski  (1883-1941)
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