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Bronislaw Pilsudski, Portrait of Two Men, Ainu from Saghelieu, Both in Costume, One with Earring. 1909, 1909, Photographic print, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Image ID: NAA INV 07034900, LL/45562
Anthropology and ethnology
662.01   Anthropology
662.02   Introduction to human zoos
662.03   Anthropological documentation of tasks
662.04   Introduction to material culture
662.05   Alphonse Bertillon: Identification Anthropometrique, Instructions Signaletiques (1893)
Daguerreotypes and the conception of race
662.06   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic
662.07   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Indians
662.08   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Chinese
662.09   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Native Americans
662.10   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Spanish
Peoples of the world
662.11   J.T. Zealy: African American slaves
662.12   Lorenzo G. Chase: Anthropological studies
662.13   Charles Guillain: Voyage a la Côte Orientale d’Afrique (1856)
662.14   Lallemand and Hart: Galerie Universelle des Peuples - Alsace (1865)
662.15   Philippe Potteau: Ethnographic portraits
662.16   J. Monstein: Russian types
662.17   William Carrick: Russian occupationals
662.18   Paul-Émile Miot: Mik'maq (Micmac)
662.19   William Johnson & William Henderson: The Oriental races and tribes, residents and visitors of Bombay (published 1863-1866)
662.20   John Thomson: China, carte de visites (ca 1870)
662.21   J. Forbes Watson & John William Kaye (eds.): The People of India (1868-1872)
662.22   Willoughby Wallace Hooper: India: Portraits
662.23   Albert Frisch: The Amazon (1867-1871)
662.24   Lotten von Düben: Anthropological studies of Lapland (1868)
662.25   Paolo Mantegazza & Stephen Sommier: Studii antropologici sui Lapponi (1880)
662.26   Prince Roland Bonaparte's ethnographic expedition to Lapland (1884)
662.27   Prince Roland Napoléon Bonaparte: Collection anthropologique du Prince Roland Bonaparte, Peaux Rouges (before 1884)
662.28   William E. Marshall: Travels amongst the todas or the study of a primitive tribe in South India, their history, character, customs, religion, infanticide, polyandry, language; with outlines of the Tuda grammar (1873)
662.29   Alexander Gardner: Ogallalla Sioux (May, 1872)
662.30   Gustav Fritsch: Die Eingeborenen Süd-Afrika's: ethnographisch und anatomisch beschrieben (1872)
662.31   Daniel David Veth: Midden-Sumatra Photographie-Album (1877-1879)
662.32   C. Nieuwenhuis: Sumatra and other regions of Indonesia
662.33   William Henry Jackson: Portraits of American Indians (1876)
662.34   Elias A. Bonine: Native Americans
662.35   Edward S. Curtis: Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899)
662.36   Edward S. Curtis: The North American Indian
662.37   Edward S. Curtis: Orotones
662.38   William Saunders: Studio studies of the occupations of the Chinese
662.39   Baron Raimund von Stillfried: Portraits from China
662.40   Charles Kroehle: Campa-Indians, Rio Chuchuras, East Peru (1880s)
662.41   Charles-Albert Arnoux Bertall: Ethnological studies
662.42   Maurice Vidal Portman: Andamanese
662.43   Carl Lumholtz: Mexico and the measurement of man (1890s)
662.44   Kröhle & Hübner: Anthropology in Peru (1891-1892)
662.45   Tanner Brothers: Maori Studies
662.46   Jean Demmeni: Borneo expedition to Central-Borneo led by Dr. A.W. Nieuwenhuis (1896-1897)
662.47   Bronislaw Piotr Pilsudski: Anthropological research in Eastern Asia
662.48   Edouard Foà: Africa
662.49   Alfred M. Duggan-Cronin: The Bantu Tribes of South Africa (1928-1954)
Studies of occupational types and "tipos"
662.50   Christiano Júnior: Tipos (Brazil)
662.51   James Gall: Souvenir of Jamaica
662.52   Courret Hermanos: Tipos (Bolivia)
662.53   François Aubert: Tipos (Mexico)
Compilations of ethographic portraits
662.54   C. & F.W. Dammann: Ethnological Photographic Gallery of the Various Races of Men (1875)
662.55   King Billy - A scandal in Tasmania
Ethnographic nudity
662.56   Ethnographic nudity
662.57   U.S. Navy Flight School: Pilots
Merging of populations through immigration
662.58   Augustus Francis Sherman: Ellis Island portraits
The continuation of tipos?
662.59   August Sander (1876-1964)
662.60   Irving Penn: People of the world
662.61   William Coupon: People of the world
662.62   Phyllis Galembo: West African Masquerade
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Ethnic and traditional costumes 
Ethnographic nudity 
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