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Race hatred in America
556.01   A symbol of race hatred - lynchings in America
556.02   The Klu Klux Klan and race hated in America
556.03   Year of Revolutions (1848): France - Paris
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Race hatred in America 
556.01   Documentary >  A symbol of race hatred - lynchings in America 
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Lynching was a means of exacting vengeance by a mob outside of the judicial system. Although it is commonly held to be an American activity predominantly linked to race hatred in a prejudice in the South that is far from the case.[1] The unsavoury nature of the events means that surviving photographs are normally snapshots or taken by local photographers and occasionally marketed as real photo postcards
556.02   Documentary >  The Klu Klux Klan and race hated in America 
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556.03   Documentary >  Year of Revolutions (1848): France - Paris 
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In 1848 Paris was in a state of revolution and this was the period described by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) in his novel Les Miserables:
"In less than an hour twenty-seven barricades rose from the ground in the single quartier of the markets...The narrow, uneven, sinuous streets full of turns and corners, were admirably chosen; the environs of the markets in particular, a network of streets more intricate than a forest..."[2]
There are surviving photographs by Hippolyte Bayard (1801-1887)[3] of the remains of barricades in Rue Royale and two daguerreotypes by M. Thibault of those on Rue Saint-Maur-Popincourt set up during the 1848 revolution in Paris. The Thibault photograph secured it's place in history as being the first daguerrotype that was copied as an engraving[4] and published in L'Illustration on 1 July 1848 (nos 279-280, 1er-8 juillet 1848, p. 276.) with the title La barricade de la rue Saint-Maur-Popincourt le lundi après l'attaque, d'après une planche daguerréotypée par M. Thibault. When the Thibault daguerreotypes were sold at Sotheby's in 2002[5] they were claimed to be the first examples of photoreportage. 

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Readings on, or by, individual photographers 
Danny Lyon 
Lyon, Danny, 1981, Memories of the Southern Rights Movement, (Millerton, NY: Aperture) [Δ
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