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519.01   Photo-essays in LIFE magazine
519.02   Margaret Bourke-White: Fort Peck Dam
519.03   W. Eugene Smith: The Spanish Village (1951)
519.04   W. Eugene Smith: Man of Mercy (1954)
519.05   LIFE magazine photographers
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519.01   Photojournalism >  Photo-essays in LIFE magazine 
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In the first issue of LIFE magazine (Vol.1 No.1, 23 November 1936) there was a photo-essay by Margaret Bourke-White on Franklin Roosevelt has a Wild West dealing with the community of Fort Peck in Montana (USA) and a work-relief project building an earthen dam.
Within a single photo-essay all the photographs were taken by a single photographer and told a multi-level story - they could use interior, exterior, day, night and aerial shots - the key was to bring together a coherent view of a subject that the reader could relate to. The first issue of LIFE sold out the entire 466,000 run and within a year the magazine had a circulation of over a million.
LIFE magazine excelled in this and produced many of the greatest photo-essays ever produced including:  
519.02   Photojournalism >  Margaret Bourke-White: Fort Peck Dam 
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The editors for the first issue of LIFE magazine (Nov. 23, 1936) selected the photo-essay "Building the Fort Peck Dam" by Margaret Bourke-White explaining it in the following way:
"If any Charter Subscriber is surprised by what turned out to be the first story in this first issue of LIFE, he is not nearly so surprised as [we] were. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White had been dispatched to the Northwest to photograph the multimillion dollar projects of the Columbia River Basin. What the editors expected were construction pictures as only Bourke-White can take them. What the editors got was a human document of American frontier life which, to them at least, was a revelation."
A photograph from this series was used on the front cover of LIFE
519.03   Photojournalism >  W. Eugene Smith: The Spanish Village (1951) 
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Magnum photographer W.Eugene Smith (LIFE, 9 April 1951) 
519.04   Photojournalism >  W. Eugene Smith: Man of Mercy (1954) 
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Magnum photographer W. Eugene Smith went to document the charitable work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. In the photography Stockade for the Insane It is what we do not see that scares us the most - in the 1954 photo reportage Man of Mercy by W. Eugene Smith on Albert Schweitzer that was published in LIFE magazine the caption explains but what remains unseen is left entirely to our imagination. 
519.05   Photojournalism >  LIFE magazine photographers 
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It has been estimated that in the over eighteen hundred issues of LIFE magazine about two thousand photo-essays were published (Maitland Edey Great Photographic Essays from LIFE Boston, New York Graphic Society 1978).
Many talented photographers worked for LIFE magazine including:
In 1957 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of LIFE the book LIFE photographers: Their Careers and Favorite Pictures was published and the indicated photographers were included in it. What is interesting in retrospect is that the photographers who produced what would later be regarded as some of the key photo essays W. Eugene Smith and Henri Cartier-Bresson were not included. 
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Readings on, or by, individual photographers 
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