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Information requests
440.01   Improving content on US states
Documentary projects
440.02   Frank Jay Haynes: Alaska Views (ca. 1891)
440.03   Edward S. Curtis: Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899)
Gold Rush
440.04   Alaskan Gold Rush (1896-1899)
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated.
Information requests 
440.01   North and Central America >  Improving content on US states 
We are seeking to extend the information and examples we can share on this American state.
  • The introduction of photography - The earliest known photographs of this state/territory and who was involved.
  • Documentary - Significant documentary, expedition or scientific studies - funded by government, industrial, religious groups or charities. Perhaps there have been studies of civil engineering projects, urban renewal and railroad construction. If you know where images can be obtained from let us know.
  • Regional photographic societies - Details on any societies and camera clubs that have been significant.
  • Publications - Local books, directories, journals and articles which you consider are significant in understanding this region. Particularly interested in early illustrated books, portfolios and albums. Images of the covers are useful.
  • Photographic studios - Both historic and contemporary studios along with photographs of them and any photography-related advertising .
  • Photographers - Listings and biographies of important local photographers and those who visited.
  • Anecdotes - Stories about local photographers, studios, collectors or perhaps the story behind a single photograph.
  • Collections - Contact details for collections that you know contain work that should be better known. Are there collections that you know which are at risk? If you own photography collections let us know (This will not be made public without your permission.)
  • Newspapers / magazines - Early examples where their use of photography was innovative or historically significant.
  • Photography in popular culture - Cartoons, tales, songs, poems, superstitions and stories.
  • Unusual - Is there anything unusual that you know about in the history of photography of this region?
  • Experts - Names of any specialists in the photo-history of this state. Have you written about this state and have something you would like to share? (This will not be made public without your permission and please include yourself if you feel it is appropriate.)
These points are indicative of topics that could be included on this page.
If you are able to assist in any way it is appreciated.
Documentary projects 
440.02   North and Central America >  Frank Jay Haynes: Alaska Views (ca. 1891) 
About this photographer | Photographs by this photographer 
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An album of 24 vintage albumen prints from the series "Alaska Views" taken by the noted Western photographer F. Jay Haynes (1853-1921) circa 1891.[1] 
   Landscape Alaska Views 
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440.03   North and Central America >  Edward S. Curtis: Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899) 
About this photographer | Photographs by this photographer 
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In 1899 railroad trycoon Edward Harriman financed a two month scientific expedition to Alaska.[2] For health reasons he planned the trip but never one to do things in a small way he took with him a remarkable group of botanists, biologists, zoologists, geologists, geographers, experts on the Arctic, writers, artists and last but not least photographers. The photographer included was Edward Sheriff Curtis and his assistant D. J. Inverarity.[3] During the expedition Curtis established a friendship with George Bird Grinnell who was an expert in Native American Culture and this changed his future career. Curtis went on to becoming the driving force behind The North American Indian, Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing the Indians of the United States and Alaska (1907-1926) the most significant photographic work on Native Americans.[4][5] 
Gold Rush 
440.04   North and Central America >  Alaskan Gold Rush (1896-1899) 
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  1. Λ Each view is mounted on boudoir-size card (5.25 x 8.5 inches) with reverse imprint for "Alaska Views ... Photographed and Published by F. Jay Hayes & Bro., Official Photographers N.P.R.R. 392 Jackson St., Cor. 6th, St. Paul, Minn. Yellowstone Park and Northern Pacific Views." along with a list of views in the series. The print size is 5 x 8.25 inches (13 x 21 cm). 
  2. Λ W.H. Goetzmann & K. Sloan, 1982, Looking Far North: The Harriman expedition to Alaska, 1899, (New York: The Viking Press) 
  3. Λ An album compiled by George F. Nelson, 1899, Alaska, 1899: The Harriman Alaska Expedition, Chronicles and Souvenirs - May to August 1899 with photographs by Edward S.Curtis, Edward H. Harriman and others is included and discussed in - Verna Posever Curtis, 2011, Photographic Memory: The Album in the Age of Photography, (Aperture / Library of Congress), pp. 16-27 
  4. Λ Edward S. Curtis, 1907-1926, The North American Indian, Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing the Indians of the United States and Alaska, (MA: The University Press, 1907-09 & The Plimpton Press, 1911-26) 
  5. Λ The bibliography on Edward S. Curtis is considerable. For his unpublished memoir - Edward S. Curtis, n.d., As it Was [Unpublished memoir, University of Washington Library, Special Collections]
    For publications by Curtis - Edward S. Curtis, 1906, ‘Vanishing Indian Types: The Tribes of the Northwest Plains‘, Scribner's Magazine, vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 657-671; Edward S. Curtis, 1906, ‘Vanishing Indian Types: The Tribes of the Southwest‘, Scribner's Magazine, vol. 39, no. 5, pp. 513-529; Edward S. Curtis, 1907-1926, The North American Indian, Being a Series of Volumes Picturing and Describing the Indians of the United States and Alaska, (MA: The University Press, 1907-09 & The Plimpton Press, 1911-26); Edward S. Curtis, 1909, ‘Village Tribes of the Desert Land‘, Scribner's Magazine, vol. 45, no. 3, pp. 274-287; Edward S. Curtis, 1914, Indian Days of the Long Ago, (Yonkers-on-Hudson, NY: World Book Company); Edward S. Curtis, 1915, In the Land of the Head-Hunters, (Yonkers-on-Hudson, NY: World Book Company); Edward S. Curtis, 1992, Native Nations: First Americans as Seen by Edward Curtis, (Boston: Little, Brown and Company); Edward S. Curtis, 1997, The North American Indian: The Complete Portfolio, (New York: Köln: Taschen)
    There are innumerable other reprints and studies on Curtis.


HomeContents > Further research

General reading 
Kan, Sergei, 2013, A Russian American Photographer in Tlingit Country: Vincent Soboleff in Alaska, (University of Oklahoma Press) isbn-10: 0806142901 isbn-13: 978-0806142906 [Δ
Mautz, Carl, 1997, Biographies of Western Photographers. A Reference Guide to Photographers Working in the 19th Century American West, (Nevada City: Carl Mautz Publishing) [Δ
Readings on, or by, individual photographers 
Robert Glenn Ketchum 
Ketchum, Robert Glenn, 2001, Rivers of Life: Southwest Alaska, the Last Great Salmon Fishery, (Aperture) isbn-10: 0893819670 isbn-13: 978-0893819675 [Δ
Ketchum, Robert Glenn, 2005, The Tongass: Alaska's Vanishing Rain Forest, (Aperture) isbn-10: 0893816000 isbn-13: 78-0893816001 [Δ
Ketchum, Robert Glenn, 2005, Wood-Tikchik: Alaska's Largest State Park, (Aperture) isbn-10: 1931788111 isbn-13: 978-1931788113 [Δ
Vittorio Sella 
Cremoncini, Roberta; Hare, Harry & Adams, Christopher (eds.), 2010, Frozen in Time: The Mountain Photography of Vittorio Sella, (Gangemi Editore) isbn-10: 8849214790 isbn-13: 978-8849214796 [Δ
Sella, Vittorio et. al., 1999, Summit : Vittorio Sella - Mountaineer and Photographer - The Years 1879-1909, (Aperture) isbn-10: 0893818089 isbn-13: 978-0893818081 [Δ
If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 
Capturing Alaska’s Image: Pre-Statehood Alaskan Photographers by Candy Waugaman ... 
"Capturing Alaska's Image" originally appeared in Alaska History, Vol. 17, Nos. 1 & 2, Spring/Fall 2002. Corrections, clarifications, and information on additional candidates for this list or other repositories with substantial collections of pre-Statehood Alaska photographers should be sent to Alaska History at 

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Edward S. Curtis  (1868-1952) • F. Jay Haynes  (1853-1921)
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ThumbnailFrank Jay Haynes: Alaska Views 
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Released (February 19, 2007)

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ThumbnailEdward S. Curtis: Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899) 
About this photographer | Photographs by this photographer 
ThumbnailF. Jay Haynes: Alaska 
About this photographer | Photographs by this photographer 
ThumbnailKeystone View Company: Bound for the Klondike Gold Fields, Chilikoot, Alaska 9191 
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