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Travelers to the Ancient and Classical World
342.01   Photographers on the Grand Tour
342.02   Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey: The Ancient and Classical World
342.03   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East (1862)
Italy: Rome
342.04   Italy: Rome: The Colosseum
342.05   Italy: Rome: Arch of Constantine
342.06   Italy: Rome: Forum Romanum
342.07   Italy: Rome: Forum Traiani
342.08   Robert Macpherson: The monuments of Rome
342.09   James Anderson: The Roman Forum
342.10   James Anderson: The Colosseum
342.11   John Henry Parker: Recent Excavations in Rome: Made in 1868
342.12   Carlo Baldassare Simelli: Rome
342.13   Robert Rive: Rome
Italy: Pompeii
342.14   John Shaw Smith: Pompeii
342.15   Giorgio Sommer: Pompeii
342.16   Auguste Lesouëf - Pompeii (1880)
342.17   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Parthenon
342.18   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Erechtheion
342.19   Greece: Athens: Acropolis: Propylaia
342.20   Greece: Athens: Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion)
342.21   William J. Stillman: Athens: Acropolis (1868-1870)
342.22   Walter Hege: Greece: Athens: The Acropolis (1928-1930)
Egypt: Archaeological sites
342.23   Egypt: The Pyramids of Giza
342.24   Egypt: Climbing the Pyramids
342.25   Egypt: The Sphinx
342.26   Egypt: Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), Sakkarah (Saqqara)
342.27   Egypt: Colossi of Memnon
342.28   Egypt: Dendara
342.29   Egypt: Edfou
342.30   Egypt: Karnak
342.31   Egypt: Kom Ombo
342.32   Egypt: Luxor
342.33   Egypt: Philae
342.34   Egypt: Thebes
342.35   Egypt: Thebes: Medinet Habu - Medinet Haboo (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III)
342.36   Egypt: Valley of the Kings
Egypt - Photographers
342.37   Jules Itier: Egypt
342.38   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia
342.39   Félix Teynard: Egypt and Nubia: Negatives
342.40   Louis de Clercq: Egypt
342.41   Maxime du Camp: Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie (1852)
342.42   John Beasly Greene: Le Nil (1854)
342.43   Francis Frith: Books on Egypt, Sinai and Palestine
342.44   Francis Frith: Egypt
342.45   Francis Frith: Stereoviews of Egypt and Nubia
342.46   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East - Egypt (1862)
342.47   Gustave Le Gray: Egypt
342.48   William de Wiveleslie Abney: Thebes and its Five Greater Temples (1876)
342.49   H. Béchard: The Pyramids
342.50   Charles Piazzi Smyth: Lantern slides and other photographs of Egypt
The difficulties of photographing archaeological sites
342.51   The Breasted Expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan (1905-1907)
342.52   Photographing in the interior of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel (1906)
342.53   Photographing the Temple of Amun and Amunhotep III at Soleb (1907)
Egypt: Archaeological finds
342.54   Egypt: Wall art, bas-relief, hieroglyphics and graffiti
342.55   Egypt: Cleopatra's Needle
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The Pyramids and the Sphinx 
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