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Woodbury & Page, Portrait of Pakubuwono IX, Sultan of Solo, Java, 1875 (ca), Albumen print, Bassenge Photography Auctions, Photography 19th-21st Century (1 June 2011) Lot: 4120, LL/43722
268.01   Introduction to the portraiture of royalty
268.02   Royalty and Photography in Europe, An Introduction
268.03   Cabinet cards: Royalty
British Royal Family
268.04   Cartes de visite: British royalty
268.05   Queen Victoria
268.06   Henry Hering - Alfred Reeves: Photograph. The Kings and Queens of England
268.07   Portrait: Royalty: Suvenir of the Royal Visit to India (1876)
268.08   Royal support for industry, the arts and photography in Victorian Britain
268.09   Francis Bedford: The Prince of Wales and his trip to the East (1862)
268.10   Dejatch Alamayou
268.11   Sally [Sarah] Bonetta Forbes (c. 1843-80)
268.12   Princess Victoria Gouramma
Royal dynasties
268.13   Royal family of France
268.14   Cartes de visite: French royalty
268.15   François Aubert and others: The execution of Emperor Maximilian
268.16   Royal family of Germany
268.17   Royal family of Belgium
268.18   Royal family of Austro-Hungary
268.19   Royal family of Romania
268.20   Royal family of Russia
268.21   Robinson & Roi: The Famous Glass Dress - Royal Robe of Princess Eulalia
268.22   Carneiro & Gaspar - painted by J. Courtois: Empress Teresa Cristina and Pedro II of Brazil
268.23   Royal family of Persia
268.24   Portrait: Royalty: The ruling class of the Indian subcontinent
268.25   Lala Deen Dayal: Sorabji Jehangir - Princes and Chiefs of India (1903)
268.26   Royal family of Burma
268.27   Royal family of Siam
268.28   John Thomson: Royal family of Siam
268.29   Felice Beato: Prince Kung / Prince Gong Qinwang of China
268.30   Xunling: Cixi, Empress Dowager of China, 1835-1908
268.31   Woodbury and Page: Ruling families of Southeast Asia
268.32   Royal family of Japan
268.33   Royal family of Hawaii
268.34   Royal family of Tahiti
268.35   Chief Cakobau of Bau, the self-proclaimed King of Fiji
268.36   Royal family of Cambodia
268.37   Death of the Prince Imperial (Prince Louis-Napoléon) - Killed 1st June, 1879, on the Hyotoyozi river. South Africa
Perspectives on royalty
268.38   Different perspectives on royalty
Royal patronage of photographic studios
268.39   Cartes de visite: Backs: Royal patronage
268.40   Cabinet cards: Backs: Royal patronage
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