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HomeContentsThemes > Algerian Civil War (1991-2002)


258.01   Algerian Civil War (1991-2002)
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated. 
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258.01   War >  Algerian Civil War (1991-2002) 
Following the War of Independence against French colonialism in the 1950's Algeria had a period of relative tranquility until the democratic elections of 1991 when the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) won the first round of parliamentary balloting and there was a fear that an islamic state was going to be established so the government intervened and since then well over 40,000 people have died due to civil unrest and assassinations.
Michael von Graffenried a Swiss photographer, used a hidden panorama camera to covertly photograph in Algeria from the early 1990s through 1998.[1]
During the Civil War of the 1990's newspaper offices, photographers and reporters, Algerian and foreign, were regularly murdered by extremists. On 12 March 1996, one of Algeria's greatest photojournalists Djilali Arabdiou who worked for the government weekly Algerie Actualite was assassinated at his house in Ain Naadja a suburb of Algiers.[2] Arabdiou began his career in the 1960's with the daily newspaper Al-Mujahhid

  1. Λ Books by Michael von Graffenried documented the Algerian Civil war - Michael von Graffenried, 1998, Inside Algeria, (Aperture); Michael von Graffenried, 2003, Journal d'Algérie: 1991-2001, (Autrement) 
  2. Λ Djilali Arabdiou - Veteran Algerian Reporter Assassinated - Press release (CPJ, March 12 1996)


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Michael von Graffenried 
Graffenried, Michael von, 1998, Inside Algeria, (Aperture) isbn-10: 0893818402 isbn-13: 978-0893818401 [Δ
Graffenried, Michael von, 2003, Journal d'Algérie 1991-2001, (Autrement) isbn-10: 2746703858 isbn-13: 978-2746703858 [Δ
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Michael von Graffenried
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Algerian Civil War (1991-2002) 
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