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Julius Shulman, Case Study, House # 22 (Playboy), designed by Pierre Koenig, Los Angeles, California., 1960 (taken) 2009 (print), Chromogenic color print, Bassenge Photography Auctions, Courtesy of Bassenge, 19th-21st Century Photography, 6 June 2012, Lot: 4410, LL/48032
17.01   Introduction to architecture
Architectural acoustics
17.02   Franz Max Osswald: Sound photographs in architectural models, from Franz Max Osswald's applied acoustics laboratory at ETH Zurich (1930-1933)
Early examples
17.03   A world of roofs
17.04   Calvert Richard Jones: Daguerreotype: Margam Castle, Wales
17.05   Mission Héliographique
17.06   Achille Quinet: Restoration of the Royal Chaalis Abbey
17.07   William and Mary Howitt: Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain (1862)
17.08   William Howitt: Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain and Ireland, Second Series (1864)
17.09   Thomas Annan: The Old Closes & Streets of Glasgow
17.10   Archibald Burns: Edinburgh
17.11   Philip Henry Delamotte: The Crystal Palace (1854-1855)
17.12   Robert Henry Cheney: The country houses and architecture of England (1850s)
17.13   Arthur James Melhuish: Windsor and Windsor Castle (1854-1856)
17.14   The Society for Photographing Relics of Old London
17.15   Frederick Henry Evans: England, Kelmscott Manor
17.16   Roger Mayne: Wapping
17.17   France: Paris - Notre Dame
17.18   France: Paris - Notre Dame, Facade
17.19   France: Paris - Notre Dame, La Porte Rouge
17.20   Charles Marville: France: Paris
17.21   Édouard Baldus: France: Paris
17.22   Delmaet & Durandelle: The Paris Opera (1861-1875)
17.23   Pierre-Ambroise Richebourg (attributed): Élysée Palace, Paris (ca. 1867)
17.24   Albert Fernique: Ecole centrale des arts et manufactures (1875)
17.25   Eugène Atget: The streets and buildings of Paris
17.26   Edmond Fierlants: Belgium: Architecture (1860s)
17.27   Leopold Ahrendts: Berlin
17.28   Albrecht Meydenbauer: Photogrammetry
17.29   August Sander: Cologne
17.30   Hugo Schmölz: German architecture
17.31   Bauhaus
17.32   Carlo Naya: Italy: Venice: Palaces
17.33   Carlo Naya: Italy: Venice: Grand Canal
17.34   Joan Martí Centellas: Barcelona
17.35   Albert Felisch: Russia, St. Petersburg
17.36   Ivan Bianchi: Russia: St. Petersburg
17.37   Thomas Biggs: Architecture at Ahmedabad, the Capital of Goozerat (1866)
17.38   James Fergusson: Illustrations of Various Styles of Indian Architecture (1869)
17.39   John Henry Ravenshaw: Gaur; its Ruins and Inscriptions (1878)
17.40   Album of Sydney, N.S.W., Australia (1870)
17.41   Unidentified photographer: The buildings of Sydney, N.S.W., Australia (1873)
17.42   George Robinson Fardon: San Francisco Album. Photographs of the Most Beautiful Views and Public Buildings of San Francisco (1856-1857)
17.43   Jacob A. Riis: How the Other Half Lives - Book covers
17.44   Jacob A. Riis: How the Other Half Lives
17.45   Edward Steichen: The Flatiron
17.46   Lewis W. Hine: Empire State Building (1929-1931)
17.47   Berenice Abbott: Changing New York
17.48   Andreas Feininger: The architecture of New York
17.49   Julius Shulman: Architecture
17.50   Frank Gohlke: Grain elevators
17.51   Marcel Gautherot: The architecture of Oscar Niemeyer in Brasilia
Building types
17.52   Skyscrapers
Survey projects
17.53   Historic American Buildings Survey - HABS
USA, California
17.54   William A. Garnett: Aerial views of Californian suburbia
17.55   Robert Adams: The construction of suburbia
Styles and movements
17.56   Pictorialism and architecture
Architectural details and modifications
17.57   Egypt: Wall art, bas-relief, hieroglyphics and graffiti
17.58   Brassaï: Graffiti
17.59   Aaron Siskind: Chicago
17.60   Aaron Siskind: Gloucester
17.61   Doorways
17.62   Arches
17.63   Windows
17.64   Gates
17.65   Fountains
17.66   Bridges, viaducts, trestles and jetties
Cities in decay
17.67   Roger Mayne: Leeds, slum clearance
17.68   Bernd & Hilla Becher: Framework Houses (1959-1971)
17.69   Candida Höfer: Architectural space
17.70   Thomas Ruff: Architecture
17.71   Thomas Kellner: Architecture
17.72   Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theatres
17.73   John Divola: Isolated Houses
Techniques and processes
17.74   Gelatin silver prints: Architecture
17.75   Conclusions on architecture
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