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10043.01   Improving content on countries
10043.02   Introduction to photography in Oceania
10043.03   Daguerreotypes: Pacific
10043.04   Paul-Émile Miot: Polynesia
10043.05   Robert Parry: Tahiti (1934)
This theme includes example sections and will be revised and added to as we proceed. Suggestions for additions, improvements and the correction of factual errors are always appreciated.
Information requests 
10043.01   Oceania >  Improving content on countries 
We are seeking to extend the information and examples we can share on this country.
  • Earliest photographs
  • Key photographers and their studios
  • Major documentary photographic series
  • Significant historical events
  • Books, magazines and journals - including their covers
  • Photographic societies and associations - including outings and meetings
These points are indicative of topics that could be included on this page and if you have expertise you would like to share now is the time to get in touch.
If you are able to assist in any way it is appreciated.
10043.02   Oceania >  Introduction to photography in Oceania 
Each country and island group within Oceania has it's own incomplete photographic history with Paul-Émile Miot in Polynesia and Colonel Stuart Wortley[1] and later Robert Parry[2] in Tahiti.[3]
Exploration, scientific expeditions, missionaries, colonial administrations, traders and Eden seekers have all had a part in this complex history.
Photographers of Oceania include:
Hugo Bernatzik (1897-1953)
Polly Borland
Alfred Burton (1834-1914)
Walter Burton (1836-1880)
Burton Brothers
N.J. Caire (1837-1918)
Harold Cazneaux (1878-1953)
Dufty Brothers[4]
Max Dupain (1911-1992)
Allan Hughan (1834-1883)
Jules Itier (1802-1877)
John Kauffmann (1864-1942)
Charles Kerry (1858-1928)
Henry King
Paul-Émile Miot (1827-1900)
Tracey Moffatt
Roger Scott
Athol Shmith (1914-1990)
F.E. Williams (1893-1943)[5]
Richard Woldendorp
Henry Stuart Wortley
10043.03   Oceania >  Daguerreotypes: Pacific 
10043.04   Oceania >  Paul-Émile Miot: Polynesia 
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10043.05   Oceania >  Robert Parry: Tahiti (1934) 
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Roger Parry's book Tahiti[6] examined the slands of Tahiti including Papeete and Moorea. In 1934, when the book was published, Tahiti was an exotic destination. 

  1. Λ Colonel Stuart Wortley & Lady Brassey, 1882, Tahiti, a series of photographs taken by Colonel Stuart-Wortley; with letterpress by Lady Brassey [and a preface by Colonel Stuart-Wortley], (London: Sampson Low & Co.). Includes 30 plates. 
  2. Λ Roger Parry, 1934, Tahiti, (Paris: Gallimard) 
  3. Λ For Tahiti - Patrick O'Reilly, 1969, Les photographes à Tahiti et leurs œuvres, 1842-1962, (Paris: Sté des Océanistes); Jean-Yves Tréhin, 2003, Tahiti, l'Éden à l'épreuve de la photographie: une histoire de la photographie à Tahiti et dans les îles (1859-1940), (Paris: Gallimard; Punaauia (Tahiti): Musée de Tahiti et des îles) 
  4. Λ For the Francis Herbert Dufty and Alfred Dufty in Fiji - B. d'Ozouville, 1997, ‘F. H. Dufty in Fiji 1871-1892: The Social Role of a Colonial Photographer‘, History of Photography, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 32-42; B. d'Ozouville, B., 1997, ‘Reading Photographs in Colonial History: A Case Study from Fiji 1872‘, Pacific Studies, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 51-76
    For work by the Dufty Brothers contact Fiji Musem 
  5. Λ M.W. Young & J. Clark, 2002, Anthropologist in Papua: The Photography of F.E. Williams, (C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd) 
  6. Λ Roger Parry, 1934, Tahiti, (Paris: Gallimard)


HomeContents > Further research

General reading 
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Readings on, or by, individual photographers 
Allan Hughan 
O'Reilly, Patrick, 1978, La Nouvelle-Calédonie vue par le photographe Allan Hughan il y a cent ans, (Paris: Nouvelles Éditions Latines) [Δ
John Kauffmann 
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Margaret Michaelis-Sachs 
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Paul-Émile Miot 
Chomette, Michèle & Richard, Pierre-Marc, 1995, Paul-Émile Miot (1827-1900), un marin photographe 1857-1870, (Paris: Éditions Galerie Michèle Chomette) [A series of four booklets with the following titles: I. Terre-Neuve 1857-1859; II. Amérique du Sud 1868-1870; III. Océanie 1869-1870 et Sénégal 1871; IV. La croisade de l'Astrée 1868-1871 avec Félix Auguste Leclerc 1838-1899] [Δ
de Pradel de Lamase, Martial, 1965, August, ‘Il y a un siècle, le commandant Miot photographiait la Polynésie‘, Revue historique de l'armée (Paris, Ministère des armées), pp. 109-110 [Δ
Picasso, Sydney, 2008, The invention of paradise 1845-1870: Tahiti and the Marquesas / photographs by Paul-Emile Miot, (München: Galerie Daniel Blau) isbn-13: 978-3000253034 [Text by Sydney Picasso [bilingual: English / French] ; drawings by Charles-Claude Antiq and Conway Shipley] [Δ
Roger M. Parry 
Parry, R., 1934, Tahiti, (Paris: Gallimard) [Δ
If you feel this list is missing a significant book or article please let me know - Alan - 
Gael Newton - Australian Photography 
This site of Gael Newton (Senior Curator of Photography, National Gallery of Australia) contains a host of useful biographies and the text of some of her key books on Australian photography. 
Picture Australia 
The site shows images from over forty institutions including the National Archives of Australia, the State Library of Victoria, The National Library of New Zealand and many others. 
New Guinea Stereo Views ... 
Pacific Island Photographs ... 
Dealer specializing in early images of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. 

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Hugo Bernatzik  (1897-1953) • Polly Borland • Alfred Burton  (1834-1914) • Walter Burton  (1836-1880) • Burton Brothers • N.J. Caire  (1837-1918) • Harold Cazneaux  (1878-1953) • Max Dupain  (1911-1992) • Allan Hughan  (1834-1883) • Jules Itier  (1802-1877) • John Kauffmann  (check) • Charles Kerry  (1858-1928) • Henry King  (check) • Paul-Émile Miot  (1827-1900) • Tracey Moffatt  (1960-) • Roger Scott  (1944-) • Athol Shmith  (1914-1990) • F.E. Williams  (1893-1943) • Richard Woldendorp  (1927-)
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ThumbnailNational Gallery of Australia: Picture Paradise - Asia-Pacific Photography 1840s-1940s 
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Released (August 9, 2008)

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ThumbnailPaul-Émile Miot: Polynesia 
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