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Sinha, Maharaja of Rewah, 1930 (ca), Albumen print, with watercolour, Roland Belgrave Vintage Photography, LL/44101
10038.01   Introduction to photography in India
10038.02   Introduction to early photography in India
10038.03   Daguerreotypes: Ethnic: Indians
Calotypes and salt prints
10038.04   Introduction to calotypes in India
10038.05   John Murray: Paper negatives and waxed paper negatives
10038.06   Baron Alexis Aime de LaGrange: Photographies de l'Indie Anglais (1851)
Hand-coloured prints
10038.07   Frederick Fiebig: Hand-coloured photographs of India
The Indian Mutiny and its aftermath
10038.08   Indian Mutiny (1858): Introduction
10038.09   The Cawnpore (Kanpur) Massacres
10038.10   Felice Beato: Indian Mutiny (1858) - Lucknow
10038.11   Felice Beato: Indian Mutiny (1858) - Mutineers hanged
10038.12   Felice Beato: Indian Mutiny (1858) - Hodson's Horse
10038.13   Robert & Harriet Tytler: India at the time of the Mutiny
10038.14   Darogha Ubbas Alli: Sekunder Bagh, Lucknow
Photographic societies
10038.15   Madras Photographic Society
Cities of India
10038.16   John Edward Saché: Views of Calcutta (ca 1865-1882)
Archaeological Survey of India
10038.17   The Archaeological Survey of India
Archaeological sites
10038.18   Charles Barclay Woodham Moravia: Indian architecture (1858)
10038.19   Linnaeus Tripe
10038.20   Richard Banner Oakeley: The Pagoda of Hallibeed (1859)
10038.21   Thomas Biggs: Architecture at Ahmedabad, the Capital of Goozerat (1866)
10038.22   Edmund David Lyon: Indian architecture (1860s-1860s)
10038.23   James Fergusson: Illustrations of Various Styles of Indian Architecture (1869)
10038.24   John Henry Ravenshaw: Gaur; its Ruins and Inscriptions (1878)
10038.25   Lala Deen Dayal: Photographs for Sir Lepel Griffin "Famous Monuments of Central India" (1886)
The industrialisation of India
10038.26   Railways of India
Sites of India
10038.27   John P. Nicholas: India
10038.28   Marie Théophile Louis Rousselet: India (1863-1868)
10038.29   Eugene Clutterbuck Impey: India
10038.30   India: Agra: Taj Mahal
10038.31   India: Delhi: Qutub Minar - Qutb Minar - Kutub Minar
Northern India and the Himalayas
10038.32   Samuel Bourne: Northern India and the Himalayas (1863-1870)
10038.33   Fred Bremner: Baluchistan
10038.34   Sargeant-Major Develin, Royal Engineers: Views in Chitral, Taken during the advance of the 3rd Brigade of the Chitral Relief Force (1896)
Royalty and the ruling class of India
10038.35   Bourne & Shepherd: Presentation album for His Royal Highness Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh (1870)
10038.36   Bourne & Shepherd: Portraits
10038.37   Portrait: Royalty: Suvenir of the Royal Visit to India (1876)
10038.38   Lala Deen Dayal: Presentation folio of Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra - Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, Deccan (1894)
10038.39   Lala Deen Dayal: Sorabji Jehangir - Princes and Chiefs of India (1903)
10038.40   G.W. Lawrie: Imperial Delhi Durbar (1911)
10038.41   Portrait: Royalty: The ruling class of the Indian subcontinent
10038.42   Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II
People of India
10038.43   Ethnological and anthropological studies in India
10038.44   William J. Johnson: Photographs of Western India. Volume I. Costumes and Characters (ca. 1855-1862)
10038.45   William Johnson & William Henderson: The Oriental races and tribes, residents and visitors of Bombay (published 1863-1866)
10038.46   J. Forbes Watson & John William Kaye (eds.): The People of India (1868-1872)
10038.47   William E. Marshall: Travels amongst the todas or the study of a primitive tribe in South India, their history, character, customs, religion, infanticide, polyandry, language; with outlines of the Tuda grammar (1873)
10038.48   John P. Nicholas: India: Portraits
10038.49   Francis Frith: India: portraits
10038.50   Shepherd & Robertson: India: Portraits
10038.51   Maurice Vidal Portman: Andamanese
10038.52   Lala Deen Dayal: India: Portraits
Famine (1876-1878)
10038.53   Willoughby Wallace Hooper: Indian famine (1876-1878)
10038.54   India and the carte de visite
10038.55   India and the cabinet card
10038.56   Hand-coloured photographs from the Indian sub-continent
10038.57   Mary Ellen Mark: Falkland Road
10038.58   John Edward Saché: Studies of Indian insects
Questioning identity
10038.59   Annu Palakunnathu Matthew: An Indian from India
India viewed from the outside
10038.60   India: As seen by external photographers
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Indian Mutiny (1857-1858) 
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Indian Mutiny (1857-1858) 
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