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Charles Marville: France: Paris 
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Charles Marville[1] as an official city photographer for Napoleon III took a series of about 425 images of the older roads of Paris that were to be destroyed by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann's[2] redesign of the city during the 1860s. Civil engineering on this scale in a bustling capital city was controversial as it involved the relocation of considerable numbers of citizens but it was viewed as an essential part of Napoleon III's modernisation of Paris through the construction of the grand boulevards.  
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PhVCharles Marville: The rebuilding of Paris 
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PhVCharles Marville: Rue Ollivier vers la rue St-Georges (ca 1868) - with the Gallery of Pierre Petit on the left 
A further commission for Charles Marville was to document the street furniture of the city designed by architect Gabriel Davioud for Baron Haussmann. Marville made magnificent albumen prints of the newly installed gas lamps,[3] ironwork, pissoirs, Morris columns[4] for posting advertising, along the streets. When Paris installed gas lighting along the Champs De Elysees in 1828 it was the first European city to do so. The modernisation of under Baron Haussmann added 20,000 gas lamps[5] and Paris was indeed the "City of Light".  
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PhVCharles Marville: Lampposts and gas lamps 
PhVCharles Marville: Colonne Morris 
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PhVCharles Marville: Kiosks 
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PhVCharles Marville: Paris: Public urinals, pissoirs, vespasiennes 
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PhVCharles Marville: Ironwork 

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