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Berenice Abbott: Changing New York 
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Berenice Abbott had known Eugène Atget[1] in Paris and admired and promoted his work after his death in 1927. She saw the significance of detailed documentary projects that preserved the architectural heritage of changing urban centers.  
PhVConsuelo Kanaga: Berenice Abbott with view camera (ca. 1935) 
In 1935 she proposed her project "Changing New York" to the Federal Art Project (FAP)[2] which supported unemployed artists and those with related skills during the Great Depression. Berenice Abbott's work resulted in the book Changing New York (1939) with an introduction by art critic Elizabeth McCausland.[3][4]  
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PhVBerenice Abbott: Shop fronts 
Douglas Levere returned to some of the locations that Berenice Abbott had photographed over sixty years earlier to complete a rephotographic project to capture how New York had changed.[5] 

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    (Accessed: 27 August 2014) 
  3. Λ Elizabeth McCausland & Berenice Abbott, 1939, Changing New York, (New York: E. P. Dutton). The book included 97 illustrations by Berenice Abbott and larger sets of 302 photographs were distributed by FAP to High schools, libraries and public institutions. 
  4. Λ New York Public LIbrary has around 80% of the 302 images created for the "Changing New York" project. 
  5. Λ Douglas Levere, 2006, New York Changing: Revisiting Berenice Abbott's New York, (Princeton Architectural Press) 
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