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Focal PressRobert Hirsch Exploring Color Photography, Fifth edition (Focal Press, 2011)
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Unknown photographer (Irish)
Stuffed Birds
1895 (ca)
Joly Color
George Eastman House
Courtesy of George Eastman House, Rochester, NY.
Joly Color, the first commercial line-screen process for additive color photographs, was introduced to the public in 1896. Although it had only limited success, it indicated the additive method could become a commercially viable way for making color photographs.

Marcel Meys
Rocky Coastline at Night
1908 (ca)
Private collection of Mark Jacobs
Courtesy of Mark Jacobs Collection.
Marcel Meys was known as the photochromist because of his artistic and technical abilities that enabled him to use ‘special effects’ to create artistic and moody compositions. Meys’s work can be considered a forerunner of modern multimedia presentations with its image projections that were done to accompany poems and even singing and dancing.
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